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Like many businesses hurt in the pandemic, the Sun has seen a big drop in advertising revenue. To help make up for it, we are making some changes to our digital products (but not the printed paper which will always be FREE).
Beginning Monday, Nov. 9, you will get FREE access to 5 stories a month on the Sun's website. After that, you will be asked to do one of the following:
  1. Continue to get full access to all of the Sun's digital products, including the website, daily eEdition and archives, at a subscription rate of only $69 a year.
  2. Or, register for the Sun's FREE daily email and eEdition. With the eEdition you see the full pages just like the printed paper. 
Now, why would we ask you to pay for our digital stories, then give you a way to access the eEdition at no cost? We're encouraging you to register for the eEdition because we want to give our advertisers (who pay our bills) as much digital exposure as we can, and that includes the eEdition.  The more people who sign up for the eEdition, the more people will see the ads, and the happier our advertisers are. 
So, instead of waiting for November, please consider registering for the free eEdition now by CLICKING HERE
Thanks, Mark Guerringue, Publisher

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