8-20-19 Camden Bailey

Camden Bailey is interviewed at the football field at Kennett High School Wednesday. (JAMIE GEMMITI PHOTO)

Camden Bailey has been through a lot over the past 18 months, and it’s safe to say it’s made him stronger and more determined to make the most of every day. With a clean bill of health, Camden heads into his sophomore year with his sights set on playing three sports.

Age: 15.

Family: Mom (Jennifer), Dad (Chris), brother, (Braeden, 17 and a senior at Kennett), and (Daven, 12 and attending Josiah Bartlett Elementary School), and the family dog (Rye, a black Labrador).

Hometown: Jackson.

Grade: Sophomore at Kennett High.

Sports you play: "Football, basketball and tennis."

How long have you been playing: “I’ve been playing football, tackle, since fourth grade, and I did flag before that.”

What has been your favorite high school sports moment: “Last year at the Carroll County Cup when we won (beat Kingswood 46-27 to retain the trophy for the 12th consecutive year). It was good game to watch and fun to see everyone celebrating afterwards.”

What's your goal for the future: “I want to try to be the varsity quarterback my senior year, at least.”

Pre-game rituals: “No. I usually do a little bit of pacing before the games.”

Favorite food: “Shannon Door pizza.”

Favorite movies: “I like the ‘National Treasure’ movies.”

Favorite television show: “‘Modern Family,’ we watched a lot of that last year.”

Favorite athlete: “Tom Brady.”

Favorite sports team: “The Patriots.”

Favorite subject: “I like math and science.”

Advise for future Eagles: “When everything is optional, go.”

If you could meet any person in the world who would you like to meet? “Tom Brady.”

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