I was recently told by a parent that he’d taught his children something I’ve long understood — happiness is a choice. Also a choice, and something I’ve not long understood to be one, is losing. Who knew?

Donald Trump chose not to lose, and many in the new wave of far right Senate and gubernatorial candidates appear to be preparing to exercise that very option. When asked by The Washington Post, a dozen trumped-up Republican candidates in battleground states declined to affirm that they would accept November’s election results.

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Jonna shares the sexist view of many otherwise smart gals that men cannot have an opinion on abortion because, well, they are men. Gee, I sure wish the NFL would stop putting female commentators on the field and in the booths. And why are women in the military? Jonna would tell Jesus himself that his opinion doesn't matter because He is the Son of man, not the daughter. Women know best.

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