To the editor:

I feel like many actions by many New Hampshire GOP members encourage a slippery slope toward an irrational society, pushing their minority beliefs and agendas upon the majority. Here's why.

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Yup, those Rascally Republicans are pushing their terrible “Minority” beliefs onto the rest of us:

-Fiscal Responsibility & Economic Stability

-An Energy Policy That Puts America First

-A Secured Southern Border

-Respect for Our National Sovereignty

-Safe, Rare & Legal Abortion Returned Back to the States

-Stopping the Sexualization of Our Children

-Stop Letting a Sliver of Our Population (“Trans” Community) Dictate or Chart the Course of Societal Norms

-Stopping the Overt Racism of CRT in the Classroom

-Respecting the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law

-Equal Justice Applied Equally

-Verifiable Voter ID

Terrible, what a shame…

What the Democrats are offering:


-Deconstruction Post-Modernist Theory


-Intellectual Dishonestly

-Feelings over Facts

-Empathy vs. Problem Solving


Sounds great...

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