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Steve Steiner with his Trump 2020 flag and hat at the Conway Fourth of July Parade. (RACHEL SHARPLES PHOTO)

CONWAY — The Mount Washington Valley Republican Committee, chaired by Steven Steiner, recently started a conservative online publication, New Hampshire Times. It posts feeds from websites such as Newsmax and The Epoch Times and also runs letters to the editor.

MWV Republicans’ chairman Steve Steiner says he’s the editor and publisher.

One letter was from MWV Republicans’ vice chair John Hartman of Eaton. Titled, “Local Republican Group Gets Serious about Voter Fraud," it was the same letter Hartman submitted to the Sun, which ran it July 1.

In the letter, Hartman states that Ed Naile of the New Hampshire Coalition of Taxpayers recently spoke about voter fraud, a topic he said the local group is very concerned about.

Hartman states that the MWVRC “has collected voter lists from all valley towns now as well as state historical voting lists on these towns and has a committee using this database to contact voters and spot illegal voting.”

Hartman declined to comment further on the group’s database. But Steiner last week confirmed they do have a database, adding it is not going to be used to ferret out voter fraud.

“We are using that to know who the voters are, so we can go knock on the doors. OK? We’re not cross-checking and making phone calls and doing devious behavior or anything like that,” Steiner said. “We want to go out and shake their hands and introduce ourselves.”

Steiner believes the Republicans may be able to woo some disaffected Democrats as he “can’t believe the Democrats enjoy paying more for gas.”

Steiner said he doesn’t necessarily think there’s voter fraud in Conway but added that he thinks the voter rolls aren’t 100 percent accurate. He said his son lives in Nebraska but was still on the rolls in Conway during the last election. He then stressed that his son votes only in Nebraska.

He did have a bone to pick with local election officials over the fact that as a maskless voter, his vote went into a cardboard box and not directly into a voting machine. However, Steiner says he’s moving on. “I can’t keep looking in the rearview mirror, because we have an election in 18 months.”

Reached last week, Town Clerk Louise Inkell addressed the issue of the cardboard box.

She said the Secretary of State’s office offered guidelines to Conway Town Moderator Deborah Fauver on requirements for a ballot box in the unmasked area and said the box they used met those them.

“The moderator provided the unmasked area with a sealed cardboard box with a slot to cast ballots and these ballots could not be tampered with nor viewed once cast in the ballot box,” said Inkell.

“This box was attended at all times by a ballot clerk during the polling hours and was only opened in the presence of the moderator in the gym after the polls were closed,” she said. “The ballots were then processed through the ballot-counting devices.”

Inkell also said when a registered voter moves from one N.H. town to another, the Supervisors of the Checklist in the new town will electronically pull that person into their checklist using the Secretary of State’s ElectioNet voter database and remove him or her from their former town’s checklist.

When a voter moves to a new state, it’s the responsibility of either the new town or the person to make sure they are removed from the old checklist.

Right now, the Supervisors of the Checklist are conducting a purge of the voter rolls, which they do every 10 years following a presidential election. They are looking for people who have not voted in the past two federal elections. Inkell said as of last Thursday, about 2,201 people are going to get letters stating they will be purged if they don’t respond.

Conway’s Supervisors of the Checklist are Jean Simon and Zachary Tresp. One position is vacant.

With former President Donald Trump still crying foul over the 2020 election, claiming that it was stolen from him by the Biden camp, Steiner, who voted for Trump, is convinced there were more votes than voters in places like Detroit.

He also believes there was “weirdness” with the turnout in New Hampshire, since Republicans swept the state-level elections but failed to unseat the congressional delegation, who are all Democrats. The state also went for Biden over Trump, 53.03 percent to 45.34. Carroll County also voted for Biden over Trump, 16,786-16,013.

The State Attorney General’s Office prosecutes voter fraud in the Granite State and asked if there were any cases connected to the past two presidential elections, Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Chong Yen said 11 individuals had either pleaded guilty or were charged with voting infractions.

One was Charles Eugene Cartier, Jr., then 81, of Madison and Attleboro, Mass., who pleaded guilty in Carroll County Superior Court on Jan. 3, 2020, to voting in more than one state, a Class B felony, during the 2016 election.

Cartier was sentenced to 60 days at the House of Corrections, all suspended for one year on condition of good behavior. He also had to pay a $1,000 fine with a penalty assessment of $240. In addition, Cartier’s right to vote in New Hampshire has been terminated, the AG’s Office said.

Cartier’s arrest warrant says Cartier’s name was flagged by an interstate cross-check system that was authorized by state law in June 2016.

Asked about his goals for New Hampshire Times, Steiner says he wants to provide honest news and provide an alternative to the Sun, which he criticized for running New York Times content and failing to print some letters to the editor. The idea for the Times came up during MWV Republican meetings.

“When you start running news articles from The New York Times, is that fair and balanced news?” asked Steiner.

He said the Republicans’ new outlet is still a work in progress, but “we want to give people better information than The New York Times,” said Steiner. “Bringing in news information or news that’s not been spun, and that’s truthful is a good thing. That’s what the New Hampshire Times is all about.”

While the website’s latest edition had little local or state news, it did post several FOX News videos, including Donald Trump Jr.’s speech at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and a Sean Hannity report saying that “the Joe Biden administration is unraveling.”

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Gregory Wallace

" The most secure election we have ever had." Saying something doesn't make it so. If there is nothing wrong with voting security in N.H. or any state for that matter then why the fear of examining the process? Afraid something will be found out perhaps? Something was terribly wrong with the 2020 election and most of us know that. Unfortunately some of us think it's O.K. because their guy won or rather "Got away with it," Oblivious olJoe didn't do it the Lib dem voting fraud squad did. Those of us who understand this would have been just as angry if OUR side had committed just such a fraud. What can be done to one can be done to the other. We need to make this right.

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