CONWAY — The Kennett High girls’ and boys’ track teams got one last opportunity to compete at home on Tuesday afternoon. Competing against Merrimack Valley and rival Kingswood not even a little drizzle could dampen the spirits of the hometown flock. Seniors were honored with the traditional gauntlet run, the legendary buffalo run took place at the end of the meet, and, after the last hurdle was cleared and the final baton passed, the Pride, Knights and Eagles all gathered for pizza. The three teams shared 35 pizzas.
“We had such a good time,” said Bernie Livingston, Eagles’ head coach. “This was just one of the really good days of the season. It’s a long day — Eileen and I were there from 12:30 to 8 p.m., but it’s just worth it. I couldn’t do it every week but it’s just so nice for the athletes to be able to have a home meet. We had great parent and volunteer support.”
Plus, there were a number of stellar performances. While the Kennett boys finished second to Merrimack Valley, they turned in 19 personal or seasonal best performances. The KHS girls, who were third on the afternoon, posted 13 SBs or PBs.
There was also a new school record for the Eagles. Nadia VanDyne pole vaulted 8’9” to break the old record of 8’6’ that she and Emily Leich co-held.
“Nadia has a super day,” Livingston said. “She took like 10 jumps, coming in at 6’3” because he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to vault.
MV took team honors for the boys with 71 points. Kennett was second with 60, while Kingswood followed with 42.
Point scorers for KHS were: 100-meter dash (won by Seth Baylus, Merrimack Valley, 11.8): Owen Henley, second, 12:2; and Jack Martin, fourth, 12.4.
200 meters (won by Devan Wade, Kingswood, 24.8): Bryce Hill, second, 25:8; and Martin, third, 25.9.
800 meters (won by Dave Reynolds, Merrimack Valley, 2:06.9): Keith Badger, second, 2:07:1.
1,600 meters (won by Reynolds, 4:44.7): Chris Desmaris, second, 4:47.2.
3,200 meters (won by Reynolds, 10:16.8): Julian Brochu, third, 14:43.2.
110-meter hurdles (won by Dylan Lessard, Merrimack Valley, 17.5): Aidan Hayes, fourth, 20.8.
300-meter intermediate hurdles (won by Lessard, 43.6): Eric Smith, third, 52.6.
High jump (won by Camden Donovan, Merrimack Valley, 5’10): Myles Harrigan, fourth, 5’2”.
Pole vault (won by Tristen Smith, Kennett, 6’9”).
Long jump (won by Chis Caputo, Kennett, 19’6.25”).
Shot put (won by Trey Snowden, Kennett, 37’1.75”): Garrick Porter, third, 32’9.5”; and Cody Eastman, fourth, 29’11”.
Discus (won by Rian Russo, Kingswood, 124’4”): Owen Strout, second, 107’7”; Snowden, third, 104’3”; and Jeremiah Brito, fourth, 100’8”.
Javelin (won by Trey Snowden, Kennett, 136’9”): Caputo, third, 124’4”.
“Trey had a great day,” Livingston said. “He set personal bests in the discus, shot and javelin. He qualified provisionally (for the State Meet) in the javelin and is just a couple of inches off for the shot and discus.”
4X100-meter relay (won by Merrimack Valley, 46.5): Kennett (Bryce Hill, Henley, Martin, Ethan Clay-Storm), second 47.3.
4X400-meter relay (won by Kennett — Hill, Desmaris, Caputo and Badger in 3:43.7).
For the girls, Merrimack Valley won the meet with 78 points, followed by Kingswood, 48; and Kennett, 45.
Point scores for the KHS were: 800 meters (won by Emma York, Merrimack Valley, 2:29.5): Eva Drummond, second, 2:33; and Kaitlyn Fay, fourth, 2:35.
1,600 meters (won by Emma York, Merrimack Valley, 5:541.8): Amy Burton, second, 5:54.6; and Grace Perley, fourth, 6:07.3.
3,200 meters (won by Sierra Abrams, Kennett, 14:16.5).
300-meter hurdles (won by Madsyn Garrity, Merrimack Valley, 54.9): VanDyne, third, 58.4.
High jump (won by Theresa Irving, Merrimack Valley, 5’): Christina Solomon, second, 4’.
Pole vault (won by Nadia VanDyne, Kennett, 8’9”): Danielle Solomon, second, 7’3”; and Adria Cormack, fourth, 6’3”.
Shot put (won by Mason Dumont, Kingswood, 27’3.75”): Cayleigh Mohla, third, 19’10.75”.
Discus (won by Sierra Parsons, Kennett, 79’9”): Taylor Garland, second, 67’2”.
Javelin (won by Theresa Irving, Merrimack Valley, 87’6”): Parsons, second, 78’1”).
4X100-meter relay (won by Kingswood, 53.9): KHS (Christina Solomon, Parsons, Cormack and Alexis Tuttle), third, 58.0.
4X400-meter relay (won bt Kennett — Cormack, Drummond, Perley and Fay — 4:39.8).
Kennett will head to Durham on Saturday (10 a.m.) for the Oyster River Invitational which will wrap up the regular season.

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