To the editor:

In reference to Melissa Wood’s letter in the Saturday, May 22, Daily Sun.

I couldn’t agree with you more on most of what you wrote. However, I do believe that some families may have an issue with child care, and I repeat “some.”

Part of the problem is housing. I’ve heard of many individuals working more than one job to help keep their heads above water and pay their bills without going on welfare. Try looking in the newspaper for a place to live. It’s not cheap to live in this area. Some of the rents are unbelievable.

It’s definitely time for the valley to begin paying better wages. I can see some of the hourly wages increasing due to the shortage of help. A lot of individuals have worked hard for their money without expecting the government’s help to bail them out. The valley has made good money and it’s time to share in the wealth.

But I also feel like I’ve been slapped in the face by Gov. Chris Sununu with the incentives to people who now apply for jobs. I’ve worked through the entire pandemic with all the changes and guidelines that had to be followed in order to keep myself and my family safe. Gov. Sununu what are you thinking? Are you even considering giving to those who have worked right along taking chances with their lives on a daily basis?

I really do feel bad for the smaller businesses that have had to close their doors or shorten the days of operation due to the lack of help because they are struggling too!

Wanda Ellis


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And if you really want to feel like a complete fool, think about it this way:

If you were one of those people that kept working through this madness, not only did you not get any financial help from the Fed or the State, but you also helped pay for all of those that did not work.

This is what happens when trying to mix Socialistic finical policies with Free Market Capitalism.

You see, without real productive people who actually create things or provide needed services, and earn an actual real income, you can’t have Socialism.

Here is the most basic question you can ask when it comes to the myriad “Covid Relief” bills that were passed this year: Where is all of this money going to come from? Because eventually, the bill will come due, and it will either be satisfied through higher taxes or mega inflation.

You can’t pump these amounts of cash into the market without anything to back it up.

Remember last year when a 2x4 was $2.35, a sheet of plywood was $35.00, and gas was $2.35/gallon?

The best incentive is to stop giving away money to those that won't work.

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