To the editor:

First, I want to thank Mr. Frank McCarthy for his service to the country. He bravely did what I, because of medical reasons (not "bone spurs") could not do. For this reason he deserves respect.

But being a veteran does not endow one with ability to spout what the former president says and not get called out. One may receive a college diploma but that does not mean he is smart or have common sense. I have a BA in psychology with a philosophy minor. That does not make me a philosopher or a psychologist. I work in grocery retail. The Scarecrow did not become automatically a mental wiz when he was given a diploma. He still had no brain.

So, when someone says something that is totally opposite of the facts: election fraud, COVIS-19 will go away last summer and just about any of the 60,000 documented lies the former president made, or repeated by an Army veteran, someone should speak up.

And I hope Mr. McCarthy, if he went to a military academy, remembers that cadets take an oath to never tell a lie, even after their service is done.

A recent meme I saw says that jellyfish have been around for millions of years with no brains. That should give many hope.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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(2) comments


"One may receive a college diploma but that does not mean he is smart or have common sense."

You sure did prove your point.

Nothing like sophomoric refutes to make simplistic points over complicated issues.


Still knocking people down and then apologizing Davis? Whch is it good or bad.

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