To the editor:

Gov. Chris Sununu made yet another bad decision. Just as he caused unnecessary loss of life by not putting a mask mandate in place until late November, now he is prohibiting college students from getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

Sununu tells students paying out-of-state tuition that they must abandon their studies and jobs, get on a plane and fly home twice to get vaccinated. Our governor tells Hanover, Dover and Keene residents that he does not care a bit for their safety.

Did these towns not vote for him in sufficient numbers? Vaccinating the student population as a whole would save lives and livelihoods. Many out-of-state tuition-paying students stay here to work in summer. I thought Gov. Sununu always protected the income of business owners in our state, above all others. Isn't this why he allows them to pay poverty wages to their staff?

Our Republican governor (and senators and representatives) have declared war on our youthful population in this state. They try to deny them the right to vote, they deny them a livable wage, and now Gov. Sununu is willing to allow them to become ill while they risk the health of residents of towns and cities where the rest of us live.

I understand that we must vaccinate our year-round state residents as quickly as possible and encourage those residents with second homes, who are able, to find their vaccination appointments in the states where they reside most of the year. However for those who are actually living here now, who are unable to travel due to work, studies, illness, finances etc., exceptions must be made. Vermont's governor reversed his initial decision and is agreeing to vaccinate Vermont out-of-state students. Please call Sununu and ask him to do the same.

Susan Raymond


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