To the editor:

It is a shame that great minds must expend any energy understanding the psychology of simpletons. But if saving the U.S. Constitution demands it, then explore the inner workings of the short-bus mind we must.

Why are stupid and gullible white people still enamored with Trump? I have cracked the code, and the answer is shame. Shame, for having fallen short of the success achieved by your father. Shame, for having been left behind by educated society. Shame, for feeling like you represent a slowly dying breed. Shame, for sensing that the fate of your children may be found in a rundown trailer park. Shame, for believing that greater men judge you as lesser. Shame, for seeing your contribution to society as inferior. Trump promised you greatness and gave you a reason to be proud again.

In his confidence you felt empowered. He gave you hope that you might at last overcome your own shame. But alas, he promised the world but delivered more shame.

The great irony here is that in your desperate grasp for dignity you debased yourself even more, bringing upon yourself more shame. Shame for having been duped. Shame for having looked like an idiot with a red hat in an ocean of red hats. Shame for having cheered other shameful morons as they stormed the Capitol. Shame for having been lied to, for having believed those lies, and for having championed and clung to them in the face of fact and truth.

Do you deserve to feel shame? Yes. Shame is an emotion felt in the face of judgment. Do I judge you? Yes. But even more than judgment, I feel pity for you. And being the object of pity is the greatest source of shame known to man, the heaviest burden of all.

Quddus Snyder


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"Physician, heal thyself".

Juniper Wren

My question to Conway Daily Sun is why you continuously post articles from this man? You literally write that in order to post one must be nice. I understand that you all most likely agree and sit back sneering as this devil or man goes off; however, it makes your paper look extremely trashy. Allowing this hate filled man an outlet. Yet, you deny the responses sent in from others who rebutted him. He gets off thinking he is more sophisticated and superior the majority of people around here. Stop posting this trash! You are doing yourself a great disservice.



On one hand, I agree with you. I think "Q" is full of himself and in love with his own words.

On the other hand, he makes me LMAO with his absurdities as he fills the role of being the Village Idiot and Clown.

He never fails to disappoint in that regard.

Gregory Wallace

Bloviaus Maximus Oh no not you again. Still don't get it do you troubled soul? I will try to explain simply so that your amped up self ingratiating mind might comprehend, maybe. If we had found anyone before there was Trump to carry our message and do our biding to reduce our taxes, strengthen the military, Free us from having to buy energy at ever higher prices we would have hired them long ago. There are more of course but maybe you get the idea. We are not followers we found someone who actually did what he promised he would do true to our demands. He did just that in Aces and now all of those positives are being torn down. Taxes will go way up, inflation is looming, our adversaries are VERY happy. The bumbling fool Ol Joe the hand puppet is responsible for god knows how many deaths of Illegal entry types dying in horrific conditions in the trail of tears just to get here. They come from socialist countries fleeing only to come to the America that the Libs are trying to turn into the country they once fled from. We can lose this country I for one am doing everything In can to prevent just that Even if we have to elect Trump for a THIRD term. If not then a replacement.

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