To the editor:

The USPS could have all the mail sorting machines in the world and it will not correct the voter rolls in many states that have not been updated in years. Absentee ballots are requested and tracked.

General mailed ballots are a proven recipe for fraud with or without sorting machines. Perhaps, this is why the Joe Biden camp has hired over 600 lawyers specializing in elections and Hillary Clinton has gone on record saying “no matter what the vote is do not concede the election.”

Jim Salmon (letter-writer), you and the fake news MSM have incorrect/missing facts on Paul Manafort’s Russian contact Kilimnik. First of all, Konstantin Kilimnik is not a Russian. He is Ukrainian.

Robert Mueller’s team and the 1,000-page waste of time Congressional Report conveniently forgot to include in their reports, even though they knew, was that Kilimnik was a “sensitive” intelligence source for the state department, going back to 2013.

Kilimnik was having tea and crumpets with the Obama/Biden state department officials across the street from the White House for years before the Trump administration. He also interacted with the chief political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev to relay messages back to Ukraine’s leaders and delivered extensive written reports to U.S. officials in the Obama/Biden administration.

So what’s good for the goose is not for the gander? Both Mueller and the FBI were fully aware of this exculpatory information and neglected to include it in their reports.

I fully stand by my statement that the Steele report is a totally discredited piece of crap and a high-level lawyer is going to jail over falsifying information about this report to obtain FISA warrants. There is soon to be more unearthed by John Durham.

This is the biggest political hit job in my 73 years and it makes me sick that the Left is still pushing the Russia, Russia, Russia scandal.

Peter Hill

North Conway

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anyone who supports Trump (or Republicans) who aren't part of the 1% are just hurting themselves. I'll never understand why mobile home dwellers think he loves them....


"General mailed ballots are a proven recipe for fraud." If that's the case, why did Donald Trump and Melania Trump cast a mail-in ballot in Florida's Republican Primary in March?

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