To the editor:

The Sun seems to also promote fake news. If not fake, certainly “hearsay.”

In the Sun’s daily summary of a major newspaper story, in this case The New York Times, the headline, “Giuliani is said to seek $20K a day for Trump legal work” is pure slandering rumors. The key word in the NYT article, and the Sun, and others is “reportedly.”

There are no real facts or evidence of persons who know. When is it decided we can make an interesting story out of nothing in the editor’s room? Do we care about the victims of the story? Well if you’re a left-leaning media outlet, the answer is no, we don’t care, in fact we thrive on it.

In this case, think about the purpose of this supposed news story. It has only negative implications at so many levels ... on Trump, on lawyers, on Giuliani, on the GOP, on the electoral results. Wow ... so easy to hit their targets with the simple spreading of rumors, false or true, from a typical New York Times writer who has a mission and then all the left news media jumping on the bandwagon. Now this story must be true as it is confirmed by all the rag printers.

Contrast this story to the Hunter Biden on the China take story, which has real facts behind it. Ah yes, here we go. The big time media outlets are not reporting on that for fear of discrediting their man who just barely got elected. I guess there is fake news and selective news, both equally damaging.

It’s so hard to find a news outlet that reports facts, not fiction, not rumors, and report all the news that is fit to print. With our local newspaper, there is an opportunity to do it right, report the real news, not only the news you wish were the news. The Conway Daily Sun can do better.

Paul Schuepp


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Your concern about 'fake news' is noted but what you really are doing is being a Trump apologist.


The story is not fake news. Multiple people briefed on the situation told The New York Times that Giuliani made such a request. Names are always withheld for reasons that should be obvious. The newspaper reported that some Trump allies have raised concerns that the former New York City mayor is pushing for legal challenges in several states as a way to make more money. That's obvious given each law suit is being tossed in the trash by the courts. Giuliani has denied making the request (which is to be expected) and said that "The arrangement is that we'll work it out in the end". If you believe that his statement is the sum total of the fee arrangement, then you are very naive. As to you referencing Biden's son as a story that was ignored, it was not but it was an obvious attempt by Trump to dig up dirt. Trump had the DOJ investigate along with a senate committee and they found NOTHING. And as for Hilly and "lock her up", Trump and Barr have spent four years trying to get something on her and they came up empty handed. So maybe you need to stop watching Fox and reconsider who is generating fake news.

Sally Wally

Love how you leftists always end up bashing Fox news, as if that network is brainwashing millions of people. Fox is right leaning but the entire media industry is left leaning. MSNBC; CNN; NBC: ABC; CBS; PBS, etc. All bash Trump all day long. The media is no longer credible. What they can do to get back their credibility is to take their thumb off the scale and just report facts.


Very well stated. Not singling out the Sun, but the press has lost all credibility. Their one sidedness is so obvious to anyone who observes objectively. I wish they would return to the days when reporting left no stone unturned.

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