To the editor:

It amazes me all the criticism of President Donald Trump for the alleged delay of the dangers of COVID-19 from the Bob Woodward book.   

Yet in truth Trump stopped China and European entrance into the country January and February, and was criticized for doing so. Dr. Anthony Fauci said this action saved many lives.
Soon after, Rep. Nancy Pelosi was visiting Chinatown in San Francisco showing how safe it was, and Gov. Andrew Como and Mayor Bill de Blasio were promoting socializing in New York City.  Any wonder why New York has the highest death rate from the virus. 
Facts are stubborn things.
Paul Rigazio
Madison (our current temporary home during the virus)
Chelmsford, Mass.

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This letter is why hallucinogens should remain illegal.


What the H would you know about facts support LYING imposter DT?

The United States closed its borders to many countries, beginning with China on Feb. 2, followed by Iran a month later, much of Europe in mid-March and Brazil in May. It also eliminated “nonessential travel” from Mexico and Canada in March.

But many of these bans were too late or too lenient. For instance, some 40,000 people traveled from China to the United States in the two months after President Trump imposed restrictions.


Trump has lied about the virus from the get-go and stated that he takes no responsibility at all. He doesn't have the whatevers to admit his mistakes.

That's the reality of our unstable not even close to being a genius so-called "president."

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