To the editor:

Ah, fall is here, and that means football; Thursday night kicked off the season, and on Sunday our beloved Patriots whupped the Pittsburgh Steelers in good fashion. 

All is good, right? Wrong! The actions of a few football players from Kennett have given the team, the school and the town a black eye that will not (and should not) fade easily. In my opinion, that black eye is exacerbated by the discipline (sorry, make that lack of discipline) that has been meted out by the administration and N.H. Fish and Game. 

I recently saw a quote that said something like “children that grow up with no consequences for their actions often turn into adults that think they can do anything.” This really hits home here. A meaningless three-game suspension from football is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. What a joke. 

First, Fish and Game should have filed charges. If all they can do is assess a fine (which I don’t believe), then assess it, and if the parents get hurt in the pocketbook — tough. It’s up to them to seek their own form of reimbursement. 

Secondly, in my opinion, the superintendent, principal and head football coach all seriously dropped the ball here (pun intended). They immediately should have stood as a unified force and kicked all those involved off the team for at least this entire season, no debate, no questions asked. It really irks me when I hear administration say that “varying levels of discipline have been handed out according to the varying level of involvement.” B.S. If you were there, you’re just as guilty as the jerk swinging the broom. 

Educational philosophy today seems to be about nothing but positive reinforcement because we certainly wouldn’t want to raise our voice to poor little Johnny as it may give him a negative outlook towards authority and who knows what effect it might have on his psyche.

This could be a good opportunity to see exactly what the rest of the football team is made of; if they had truly moralistic views, thought the actions of their “teammates” were reprehensible and had real gonads of their own, they would refuse to take the field if any of the individuals involved were reinstated.

I think it will be a travesty if the penalties meted out by the administration thus far go unchanged. Come on, guys, show you have guts and are not influenced by a big sport at Kennett. Do what’s right.

Norman Head

Kennett alumni and football player


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