To the editor:

I am glad to see the people of the valley waking up to the development and the need to control it and ensure that the aesthetic beauty of the valley is preserved. That beauty is your economy.

Many beautiful spots have been lost recently in the name of progress. I fear this next one will be a blemish on our landscape for years to come, forever having to be photoshopped out of calendars and postcards.

A 166-foot cellphone tower about to be erected on the already elevated lot (40 feet higher than Schouler Park) next to Cranmore’s property — 16 stories tall, in direct line of sight between most of the village and the slopes of Cranmore. Closer views from the new bike path set to pass by its shadow. Don’t look for it from the developer’s office down in Natick, Mass., you won’t see it. But I bet the view looking down the hill from Cranmore, or Cathedral Ledge will forever change given the 166-foot (16 story) tower staring at them.

It will be located downtown on lot 219 / 243.1 roughly the end of Grove Street on the east side of the Kearsarge Brook within the 540-foot elevation circle on USGS maps. 44.049804 N -71.114241 W, accessible from Artist Falls Road.

I challenge the board to use the ordinances to find a better location where it does not cut our sky in half, to camouflage it against a hill and take steps that other scenic villages have done to protect their communities. Surely, Code 190-13 K (12) gave them some room to approve locations and design criteria.

For those interested, look for the Conway Planning Board minutes from Feb. 25, 2021.

Maybe if we start a rumor that they will rent out STR hammocks on it, people will take notice.

Michael Murray

North Conway

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At some point, the Valley residents will need to stand up and loudly proclaim, "ENOUGH".

Maybe this will be the thing that does it.

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