To the editor:

Thankfully, the Sun doesn’t publish letters from conservatives (according to conservative letters the Sun publishes). Otherwise, we might have to endure ridiculous claims from George Clausen and Bill Catalucci. What? The Sun published those, too? Geez, you can’t trust conservatives to tell the truth about anything anymore.

George Clausen repeats two claims in a recent letter, despite both being debunked by many, myself included (in a response to a letter of his back in May making the same claims). Below is a segment of that letter that demonstrates Trump’s racism and the fallacy of big Trump gains among Black voters.

“The Justice Department charged Trump’s company with discrimination for refusing to rent to people of color. They even tested Trump’s company practices by sending potential renters to properties to try to rent them. Black people were told the properties weren’t available anymore, but when white people then came to inquire, they were told the properties were available. Trump’s defense was that lots of companies got charged for this behavior. (You could look it up, he said it in public — if you care about facts) That’s racism, George. His many abhorrent comments about different minority groups are enough to convince anyone not in his cult that he’s a racist.

George mentions Trump’s improvement among black voters from 2016 to 2020. He went from abysmal (6 percent) to horrible (8-10 percent). To trumpet that for any reason is ridiculous, but to use it to attempt to prove Trump isn’t racist is asinine.

George tries to brand anyone that disagrees with him and the Trump cult a Marxist or Socialist, but that’s just another Trump-cult dog whistle.

Catalucci repeats the unproven Republican claim about infected immigrants, and claims (without proof) the immigrants are transported to all parts of America on the taxpayers’ dime.

Michael Kerins

North Conway

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Just thought I would write another ridiculous claim, Mike. "Biden is governing the country quite well".


"...and claims (without proof) the immigrants are transported to all parts of America on the taxpayers’ dime."

And where do you think the 100's of thousands of these illegal immigrants are going and who do you think is picking up the tab to cover the cost?

Do you have direct knowledge of the operation or are you just spouting off more Democrat/Socialist Party misinformation?

Because I can tell you from my direct contacts (people who actually inspect the holding facilities) it is in fact happening.

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