To the editor:

“Frankenstein” was not the only novel written by Mary Shelley. She also wrote the “The Last Man.” Spoiler alert — everybody dies! It was a pandemic without a cure.

Today we have a cure. Vaccines have been a time-honored approach to controlling pandemics and contributing to modern longevity. Traditionally vaccines are required for school attendance.

Having said that, I do not wear a mask unless required because I am fully vaccinated.

In attending the recent school board meeting I put on the mask I carry with me because it was clearly marked on the door. This is civil conduct, so I was surprised so many concerned citizens were mask-less, especially candidates for the board and citizens concerned about their free speech.

I could think of no worse place to hold a public meeting during a pandemic than a gym in the middle school, much like the bat cave environment known to favor the spread of virus. Unfortunately, over a dozen folks were maskless.

There is no vaccine for young folks and they deserve our protection and extra care. It does not look flattering to wear a mask and is not comfortable but looks are not everything.

Carry a mask and use it if requested.

The current COVID-19 situation in school should be monitored. Are people being hospitalized and straining the system? Or worse, are they dying or being impaired for life.

If on the other hand there is no increase in hospitalizations but only mild symptoms because vaccinations and natural antigens are common or other factors than masks should be optional in high school.

I wish Barbara Lyons and the school board the best in dealing with ongoing challenges.

Michael Callis


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