To the editor:

I’ll keep this short so that letter-writer Sid Jones can understand it. You are ignorant. You put words into political opponents’ mouths to justify violence. You accuse people of having “small minds” when they (correctly) accuse your compatriots of terrorism and sedition. You change the narrative to uphold your ignorance in this ever-changing world.

You are scared of change, but I can promise you it is coming. You cannot stop the world from changing around you, so you have to resort to becoming a domestic terrorist apologist.

You cannot be serious when our beloved New Hampshire voted Democrat every presidential election since George W. Bush. You are outnumbered. You are small. You are wrong. Your New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state, is blue now and will continue being blue with or without you. It is an absolute joke that The Conway Daily Sun has published your letter. You are an absolute joke.

Max Porter

North Conway

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Uber Fritz

So typical of a progressive to bombard the entire zone with their own ideas. However, there are people who have different opinions based upon facts and NOT emotion. First, why the venom? Is it necessary for you to make your point? Second, as noted by Mopar the central government of NH is, in fact, primarily Republican. Third, the Federal Government despite being totally under Democratic rule cannot pass its outlandish budget package. Sure, the populace of NH may be voting Democrat, but that can change. Or do you not wish to take that into consideration? I am merely trying to determine why you insist on being snotty?


Yes, unfortunately, our great state has been invaded by liberals from Mass. But there is hope as MOPAR points out.


Max, our beloved New Hampshire also thankfully elected a Republican Governor, a Republican majority Executive Council, a Republican majority State Senate, and a Republican majority to the state House of Representatives. That has a much greater impact on our lives here than 4 measly Electoral Collage votes. But sure, if those 4 votes are all it takes to keep you happily thinking Democrats are in control of NH, we'll let you continue to think that.

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