To the editor:

The elements of a proper apology are simple. Be humble, own your mistake, say you are sorry without trying to justify your bad behavior.

Whatever you do, don’t blame your victims, don’t go on for eight paragraphs explaining how they made you angry and caused you to lose control, don’t bury your apology at the end of a lengthy indictment against those you wronged.

Also, explain how you are going to remedy the situation. A real remedy, not a quip about sitting on your hands as if it’s your hands that are responsible for the misdeed, rather than you. Do something meaningful such as resigning your committee position and committing to learning impulse control.

As citizens, Republicans and current and former elected office holders, the undersigned are shocked, mortified and outraged by Mr. Steiner’s behavior before the Conway School Board.

Our elected representatives and volunteer boards spend a lot of time and make many sacrifices to serve our community. Agree or disagree with their decisions, voice your opinions — that’s your right and indeed your duty as a citizen — but do so politely, with appreciation for their service and respect for their office.

Nobody has ever won an argument, furthered a discussion, bridged an understanding or changed anyone’s point of view by raising a middle finger. To the contrary, Steiner’s behavior risks undermining all the efforts, good information and helpful contributions from all the concerned parents who came to the meeting. This should be about our children and what’s best for them, not about one person’s bad behavior.

Let’s get back to the business of doing good for our community, helping working families and looking out for our children.

Matthew Plache, Carroll County commissioner (R-Ossipee)

Frank McCarthy, former state representative, (R-North Conway)

Rep. Glenn Cordelli, state representative, (R-Tuftonboro)

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Et al? Speak for yourself.

All 3 of you took the bait and fell into the trap.

You did exactly what the loud, megaphoned voices of the minority demand- Total compliance, humiliation, shunning from polite society, and cancelation.

In case you haven't noticed, the rules of engagement have changed and they are stacked against those with common sense, facts, and rational thinking. They are designed to frustrate you until the only response, unfortunately, becomes anger. These people don’t play fair. Rather than address the hard questions, they sit stoically silent in defiance of any legitimate challenge to their emotionally-based dogma. Or worse, judge you as “Crazies” for defying their insecurity or a need to feel [falsely] safe.

So instead of condemning a fellow traveler, try understanding the situation in its totality and lending him your support, rather than piling on and distracting everyone's attention from the actual issue(s). Just as there are ingredients of an apology, the same applies to forgiveness and grace.

Life is politics, and you just gave the other team the win with your weak-kneed, pusillanimous editorial. Instead of zeroing in on the delivery, pay attention to the words and concerns of your constituency. People are getting angry with their gov’t and officials not listening and you’d be prudent to pay attention.

We need representatives willing to stand strong against those who would give away their Constitutional rights for a false sense of security and start pushing back on the tyranny of the loud, vocal minority.

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