To the editor:

Maybe an answer to all this "lack of hired help staff" for businesses is the STR situation.

For Conway alone, 500 two and three-bedroom homes are minus permanent residents. That's lots of kids missing from our empty schools. Some would be looking for jobs part time during school and full time in summer.

If half of the adults were looking for work here, that's 250 plus workers. Those figures are just for Conway, you add the surrounding towns STRs... you do the math. Hotels should be hotels and houses should be homes.

Mary Ann Shakir

North Conway

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If Conway wants to see what happens when STRs are allowed to run unchecked, look at Nantucket. They are having a crisis on that island because not only can they not find people to serve in restaurants or work maintenance on the road crews, they can't even keep their fire department and paramedic teams fully staffed. Why? Because there is nowhere for anyone who isn't rich (and therefore not going to work a civil service or minimum wage job) to live. Conway's going to learn the hard way if they don't pick up on the mistakes of others.

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