To the editor:

I can’t quite wrap my head around which is the worse depiction of the failed state of things, the president of the local GOP showing off his intellectual capacity with his middle finger regarding masks, or the 2-year-old child being exploited as she holds a sign she has no idea the meaning of.

Do you decry seatbelts? Bike helmets? Oh, that’s right, no parking on the Diana’s Baths road anymore for safety and “overuse of the resource.” Now, lines of cars sit idling, expelling fossil fuels into the limited breathable air. Much safer now for children.

In any case, as one of the last, true investigative journalists, Chris Hedges remarks in his interview regarding the fall of the U.S. empire, “America, The Farewell Tour” (on YouTube), along with other candid interviews with this brilliant historian, foreign news correspondent, author, and Seminarian; America is dying, rotting by the design of its own hand. That’s what an empire does.

While your outrage about masks is palpable, no outrage that you fund via USDA, the vilest, most environmentally dangerous, unhealthy, inhumane, ecocidal agriculture matrix called animal agriculture.

It is this warped system that has allowed every zoonotic virus to emerge, every degenerative disease to ravage your organs, livestock methane emissions (see for amounts) deforestation of rain forests to grow cattle feed, the plundering of earths resources to raise 80 billion so-called farmed animals, that is choking the finite biosphere with methane, unleashing more as Arctic ice melt creates “feedback loops” is ignored.

The culture of self-overconsumption, media ruled by corporations and the worst political climate protecting corporate interests over the common good. The commodification of nature resulting in diseases of the body, soul, planet. This is the evil the church, (and synagogue) sits on their Bibles and enable.

Chris Hedges. Listen carefully to the truth he speaks. You’re living the last days of a dying empire. Thank yourselves for being a manufactured society ignoring the signs and causes of its own disease.

Laura Slitt


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Laura, you need to move to Bridgeton and sit with the village vegan. You make about as much sense as him. The major source of CO2 in the atmosphere is transportation related, not animal 'gas'. Time for a burger. Got to go.

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