To the editor:

At first, I thought Elizabeth Kelsea’s letter in Wednesday’s Daily Sun about the “raid” (actually a totally legal warrant and search and seizure) on Mar-a-Lago was so banal (lacking originality, freshness or novelty) that it didn’t merit a response.

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Scott Shallcross

Rupert Murdoch (Fox News*) has successfully exploited an ignorant public to bolster his personal business interests and promote political allies.


Let’s also remember that if not for Murdock and his paparazzi mentality, Diana, Princess of Wales, might still be alive! He put the price on her head …in the form of photos,…and she was chased to her death! If not for the high prices he paid for pictures of her, the more scandalous the better, the photographers wouldn’t have been so eager to follow her at high speed! Murdock is a huge part of the problem here in the USA …and he’s not even American!

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