To the editor:

I will never accept the results of the election. Faux Joe is an illegitimate president. To think this election was safe and secure is pure comedy.

When Joe China said he had the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics, he wasn’t kidding. I knew it was over for Trump.

The Dems were not messing around this time. They knew judges and the Supreme Court will not want to get involved in major election decisions after the fact and used that to their advantage to do the damage.

Everyone knows states have to use the legislature to change election law constitutionally, but still judges don’t do the right thing. This election was rigged against Trump and a Rasmussen poll showed that 35 percent of independents and an astounding almost 30 percent of Democrats agree with me.

When that many people think the system isn’t fair, you will lose your country, hence the Capitol storming. If we don’t have election integrity, we won’t have a country anymore.

How are we supposed to believe all the once-in-a-lifetime things that magically happened for Joe China to win.

His VP pick is a woman who had to drop out of the race before the primaries even started because she was so badly rejected by her own party. That pair won an election? Really. The statistical anomalies are too many to mention, but just know that Biden only won 524 counties while Obama won 873, but somehow Biden got almost 20 million more votes than Obama.

Trump won a record minority support for a Republican. He won 19 of the 20 bellwether counties. The electoral jujitsu goes on and on.

The president’s party almost always loses seats in the mid-terms so we’ll find out soon enough if we have become a one-party country, but this much I know, we will never see another Republican president. Nobody cheats like a Democrat when it comes to power. They will have to prove me wrong.

Larry Day


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Stick a fork in it you LIAR loving loser. MAGA is dead and our duly elected president has done more in a month than the phony grifting made for tv con man did in 4 years.


Hey Larry, time to get a life!


Some of the attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference(CPAC) in Orlando, Florida who fawned over the golden statue of Donald Trump that was on display, reminded me of the wild turkey that was pecking at my car's shiny chrome bumper the other day.


Larry, you are not only a sore loser but your age has not given you wisdom which is unfortunate. There is no point in refuting your wild conspiracy theory claims as facts do not matter to you and you and other die hard Trump supporters will go to your grave believing that the world is flat. The concerning issue here is that you are a serious threat to our constitution, our democracy and you are on the wrong side of history. Please stop preaching such lies and stop reading right wing propaganda.

I really have no idea why this so-called newspaper publishes such drivel.

Donna D.

The evidence of fraud was overwhelming, even caught on video at times and yet it was reported by lamestream media, "Nothing to see here folks, move along." I too will never recognize the goof in office as my legitimate president.

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