To the editor:

I have been employed at Almost There for 18 months. Recently, my day began as a typical Summer Sunday Funday. During my shift, I happily had my second interaction with an awesome couple, Mike “Jack” and Diane.

During our time together we discussed multitasking as a demand in our daily lives.

I reluctantly shared a story of an early morning multitasking FAIL that ended in my laptop as the casualty. As a full-time college student, this created another obstacle in the pursuit of my degree. Diane told a story of her own, we all shared in a good laugh (R.I.P Mike’s phone). Eventually, our time came to an end and on with our lives we went.

After my shift, I was able to enjoy some great company on our patio. Then a coworker gestured for me to go inside and said I was requested. Much to my surprise, Mike and Diane were waiting. I was handed a card with a beautiful message and the most perfectly imperfect wrapped gift — a brand-new laptop.

I am a lot of things — above all, I am a believer of good intention. In our busy, complex and messy world this is not the easiest lifestyle.

Almost There has given me more than I could ever return. The gifts of connection and community. Impossible to achieve without our patrons and the staff (my AT Fam).

Today, I’m especially thankful to the Whigham family for providing me an opportunity to become a small part of an incredible establishment.

Also to the kindness, support and reinforcement Mike and Diane gifted to me. Ordinary people can have an extraordinary impact. We all contribute to the world around us. What’s yours?

Lacey Farrell

North Conway

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