To the editor:

Thank you so much for your interesting article on the alarming decline in bird populations (“Where have all the birds gone?” Feb. 29).

As a wildlife photographer who also travels to Central and South America yearly, this is most concerning.

Many experts say the No. 1 threat facing birds and wildlife is habitat loss, followed by invasive species.

Add pesticides, and now birds have the triple crown of challenges. Pesticides are wiping out the insect populations, so there is considerably less food for the birds.

Here’s something else to consider — and I hope you write about this — the dangers of feeding birds genetically modified corn.

GM corn contains the weed killer glyphosate (one of the top life-killing poisons on the planet and the main ingredient in Roundup).

There is a company (I have no investment here, other than that I buy 108 suet cakes and donate them to the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass., for the winter) that sells organic suet, called Birds Don’t Eat Cows.

Here are links to more information: and

Sometimes all the bad news can seem overwhelming, and people wonder what they can do. At least feeding them high-quality food is one way to accomplish this.

Thank you for mentioning that people should avoid pesticides, and drink organic shade-grown coffee. In November, I was in Colombia, and it was sad to see the workers spraying pesticides and drenching the conventional coffee with poison.

Stopping the poison is one of the most important and most impactful things that can be done to help the environment.

Kim Nagy

Brighton, Mass.

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This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s reciting propaganda contradicted by basic science. Glyphosate is an herbicide. It kills plants by interfering with their ability to produce some amino acids. It doesn’t harm animals like birds or people.

Actually, transgenic technology has been a big help to birds because Bt seeds don’t need as harsh insecticides in the seed coating. These coatings have been known to harm some birds.

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