To the editor:

It has been brought to my attention that as of April the town of Conway/North Conway has placed a ban on “short term rentals.” The reason I am writing to you is I have great concern on how this will affect my yearly visits to this beautiful and scenic area. As a former resident of North Conway I know the value of the tourism industry. I also know that the small businesses and restaurants that make the town so special, rely on tourism to stay afloat and survive.

My parents, Debra and Steve Gendall, were former owners of the Maple Leaf Motel. Unfortunately, my father was diagnosed with fatal liver cancer forcing them to sell the Maple Leaf Motel so they could move to Pennsylvania where I and my sister are living.

Since then my father passed away, and my family holds North Conway near and dear to our hearts. We have made an annual trip every year to spend family time in North Conway to honor my father’s love for the White Mountains. Using short-term rental agreements allows us the freedom to keep our family (which is still growing) all together under the same roof to remember how great this area truly is. I fear it will be financially impossible for us to be all together every year in North Conway if the short-term rentals are banned from the Conway/North Conway.

I do hope that you keep this in mind moving forward in any or all decision making when it involves the Conway/North Conway area short term rentals. Thank you for your time and I hope all is well in the White Mountains.

Kevin Gendall

Jonestown, Pa.

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Well stated, Kevin. This decision was short sighted, and will absolutely not only impact the local businesses but the town itself. Conway gets a portion of the 9% tax imposed on STR’s as well as benefiting from the property taxes paid by owners of STR’s and not tapping into a lot of the services like schools and even the transfer station. I’ve been going to North Conway since 1997. A lot has remained the same. You still have a great many local restaurants, shops, as well as small businesses that completely rely on tourism. It’s a total misconception that STR owners don’t care or are from the “outside”. Over 34% of STR owners are NH residents. It will be fought in the courts, as all of the homes that have kitchens are not transient tourist homes and are used as residential properties with families vacationing. Gov. Sununu is aware of the potential loss in revenue and basically stated now is not the time to turn away tourists. It’s such a foolish move.

Gregory Wallace

Kevin. I understand what you are saying but many things have changed in the Conway area. Nothing is the same that made Conway, N, Conway, Bartlett. Jackson, and so on different or better. It has been over run with commercialism, Not the same as anything that may be seen as positive or preserving the unique place that once was the Valley area. It's all about $$$ mostly from outsiders who care nothing about the place we have loved for generations. We all need work but this is nothing short of Prostituting a place that was once well loved then for whatever you can get for it now. That is it's current value. This is sad. I cannot bring myself to visit the Conway area a short distance from Effingham anymore. The Conway area is trashed. A Tragedy.

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