To the editor:

When is this town going to finally realize there is a serious housing issue? The out-of-towners have bought everything up and a lot of locals have been forced to leave the valley. And you wonder why there is a shortage of workers.

I was born and raised here and it's disgusting what this town has become. Jobs are still low paying despite the pay increase. No one can afford $1,500 to $2,000 a month plus utilities. No one can afford to buy these over-priced homes.

So what are you going to do about it? Probably nothing. You like the money the out-of-state people bring in. Well, pretty soon you will have no workers to cater to these people and it will be your fault.

You want to build apartments for professionals but what about us workers who are the backbone of this town.

A lady had a fit because she couldn't order inside Dunkin Donuts. She was ranting and raving because of the shortage of workers. I had enough of her mouth and said it's because of people like her buying everything up and taking the town over. Guess she will have to learn to make her own coffee.

These people are blowing up at us for their own doing and the town doing nothing to help the locals. It's sickening and shameful.  So before you have nothing but tourists and no workers you might want to think about doing something for the locals for once.

Julie Webster


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if you do not like living in a tourist area move on. But do not go near Disney World, Bermuda, beaches on the east or west coast, Europe, you get the picture Ms Webster.


Yup. Affordable housing is needed. Also, some industry somewhere in the valley would help offer jobs that pay well. Attract some IT related industry.

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