To the editor:

This is in response to Melissa Wood’s letter. My, you are so judgmental. Not everyone is lazy as you think and there is a very serious housing issue here. Most of these jobs pay crap. Before you start judging me, I have never collected unemployment in my life. I have always worked, but I do see the struggles of people here in the valley. If you are lucky to find a rental, it does not meet the pay scale in the valley.

When employers start paying a decent wage and we get affordable housing maybe the workforce will come back. A lot of people have moved because of this.

Also, I saw someone paying with change for groceries and it was heart-breaking. Get off your high horse and stop judging people you do not know.

Julie Webster


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Julie, in your past letters you almost always judge people you do not know, mostly judging “the people from away”. Go back and reread your letters. Just saying...

Gregory Wallace

Actually I do know quite a few people in my area who have told me they make more while not working right now and will ride this wave as long as they can. At least one of them is working under the table (Cash) AND collecting. This is simple logic to them and they are thinking short term.


Julie, you are doing the same. I've worked 2 jobs for most of my adult life. With that hard work, I bought a second home in the valley. What I do with that home is not your business. Conway, like many small towns, will learn its lesson when it engages in arbitrary actions that harm folks bottom line.

Gregory Wallace

Dave, so your second home in the valley is really a business and if so are you paying all the taxes associated with that like Inns and hotels do? Not to mention the $$ you get for the rental as income, or are you planning on starting a home for little wanders? Hmmm Dave?

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