To the editor:

The coronavirus is the perfect tool for the deep state to get a grip on the United States. The redirect regarding everything from military might to our economy by Russia, North Korea, and China has been taken too lightly. They have been warning the U.S. as long as I can remember.

Longtime senior communist officer and American publisher Alexander Trachtenberg said it best. “We will not take the U.S. under labels of communism or socialism. We will take it under the labels of liberalism and progressivism.”

Time has proven what the communist leadership have been saying for years, the American people are gullible. The coronavirus is being used by local, state, and federal government leaders to install restrictions on the people. The mask issue is absolute proof we can be lead about by the nose. Some states are considering making it mandatory.

We are well-aware of the danger the virus inflicts, but to allow the government to violate our protection under the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution is beyond comprehension.

Make no mistake about it: Our freedom and rights are being stripped away a piece at a time. I find it absolutely distasteful that intelligent people think putting a rag over their face is protection from a deadly virus. The stupidity is absolutely mind-boggling. What is even more disturbing is it was sold to the people so easy and has the potential of being permanent.

The liberal (socialist) and progressive (communist) no longer have to pretend they are Democrats or Republicans. Their strategy and tactics may be different but their goal is the same, to take over a society. This coronavirus, deliberate or not, will eventually.

Joseph Dorsett Sr.


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Requiring people to wear a a mask in a communal setting is not “denying people their liberty,” President Donald Trump’s former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Friday.

Gottlieb served as the FDA chief under Trump from May, 2017 to April, 2019. His comments come after Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal published Thursday that some Americans might wear masks to “signal disapproval of him.”

Infectious disease specialists and health officials have repeatedly touted the role of masks in slowing the spread of the coronavirus, which can infect people from respiratory droplets spewed from the mouth and nose.

“I don’t think this is a political issue,” Gottlieb said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “Universal masking is one of the simplest interventions that we can take that could probably reduce the odds that we have another epidemic.”

Several studies in recent weeks have indicated that masks help to prevent infection and slow the overall spread of the virus. Health officials have increasingly adopted mask recommendations or requirements in the effort to slow the spread. Earlier this month, the World Health Organization reversed its stance on masks, saying that the general public should wear face coverings.

“There’s very few things that we can do to try to prevent wider spread and another epidemic heading into the fall. This is one of them,” Gottlieb said. “I don’t think asking them to wear a mask when they go into congregate areas is denying people their liberty and their right to choose.”


So science and medicine is a communist conspiracy to take away your civil liberties? Good luck convincing anyone other than Q followers and the ignorant. Wearing a mask has NOTHING to do with politics and for you to think so make you the gullible one. It's people like you and Trump, who reject science and medicine, that have caused the virus to infect and kill so many Americans. Your behavior will surely come back to bite you as the virus does not discriminate between Republicans and Democrats.


Spot on sir. I am glad there are others that see the end game being foisted upon us. My guess is the good cops that will be resigning due to non-support will be replaced with more of the Open Society folks.

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