To the editor:

Too busy covering up crimes and shelling out payments to child victims of clerical abuse, the American Catholic bishops have failed in regards to protecting and defending our Catholic faith.

How can they fail to not excommunicate the fake Catholics, President Joe Biden and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who are proponents of the slaughter of the unborn and champion same-sex marriage?

All of this contradicts my faith. Shame on you, bishops who have betrayed the faithful. Close to home, the Rep. Chris Pappas, who claims he is Greek Orthodox, contradicts his church by his proclivities and his support of the LGPTQ crowd.

He represents us not as he joined in in abusing my duly elected president. His actions are an affront to the many voters in his district who voted for the president in 2016 and 2020.

Not saddled with a tyrannical hierocracy, and owing no allegiance to the Pope, one does not have to ask his Orthodox bishop to excommunicate him, for in Orthodoxy he automatically excommunicates himself by his proclivities.

If you are a faithful Catholic, question Biden and Pelosi’s bishops and ask them why they have been derelict in their duties and not excommunicated these frauds.

Eugene M. Long Jr., M.D.


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Ron Gautreau

I wonder how many abortions Mr. Trump paid for. I doubt that he ever read the Bible and has been the poster boy for behavior that is less than Catholic. Mr. Trumps actions are an affront to all decent people regardless of who they voted for. Where does your fear of same sex marriage and the LGBTQ community come from? Did you leave out any other groups of people? What should faithful Catholics do with with these groups? Do you take your faith into your work as an MD?


The church has failed in this, you are correct. He is not an example of Catholicism, nor was the only other president, JFK, who had naked interns in the WH pool almost daily and cheated on his wife on a weekly basis.

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