To the editor:

On a recent visit to the Mount Washington Valley, we noticed that many restaurants and hotels were closed due to some of the staff having COVID-19. Just to name a few, the Black Cap Grille and Moat Mountain. Thank you both for your kindness and consideration in closing to protect the health of your customers, as it was greatly appreciated.

During our visit, we had dinner with our friends (that reside in the valley) at a restaurant in North Conway. While dining, we noticed that many guests entering were not wearing masks as required by N.H. guidance.

When we were leaving, one of the owners was also leaving and she was not wearing a mask. Fortunately, we all were wearing our masks. Initially, we thought, OK, as she was heading outdoors. However, we learned from our friends later that same week that the two owners had the COVID-19 virus, along with some of the staff.

We were appalled and dismayed to see that the owners were still working, meeting and greeting guests, as if COVID wasn’t any “big deal.” And furthermore, we cannot believe the selfishness and lack of concern for others’ health and well-being by the owners continuing to work and converse with guests and customers when in all likelihood, they were still contagious to others.

We, along with our friends in the valley, will not be visiting this establishment ever again. We believe that the wonderful community and the people in the valley, along with those visiting, be made aware of the owners’ indiscretion and their lack of concern and empathy for others’ health and well-being.

Karen and David Porter

Haverhill, Mass.

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Their refusal to abide by public health and safety precautions during a DEADLY GLOBAL PANDEMIC is just cause for refusing to do business with them ever again. The staff of these businesses probably don’t even wash their hands before leaving the bathroom. Thank you K and D Porter for bringing this disgusting behavior to my attention, as I visit and vacation in the MWV quite often ... but maybe no more!


Speaking of following the rules..... when you returned to your home in Mass, did you fill out the required travel forms and do the mandatory quarantine until you had required negative covid test results?

But really, if you are THAT concerned with the spread of covid, why the heck would you travel to another state, and then go out to a public place and sit in close proximity to your non-household member friends for an extended period of time? Presumably not wearing a mask while sitting there eating and drinking and yukking it up?


And yet you're out here traveling to our rural state from your COVID-infested urban metropolis.

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