To the editor:

My fellow Americans,

Chaos, disorder, anarchy, rebellion, mayhem, mockery, powder-keg?

Am I the only man out here, who thinks while watching these events, these reactions, this insane “reality drama,” brought to us prime time from where? 10 miles square?

Doesn’t anyone remember that term? Think America. Think. What does that term mean? 10 miles square. I know you’ve heard it before. 10 miles square. It’ll come to you. Won’t it?

I’d like to speak a few phrases. Nothing hateful, nothing even hurtful, imagine that. No blame, just words. Fill in the blanks friends, if you still can. It’s okay to cry, especially at a funeral.

O-ho say can you see......

How about,

Oh Beautiful,

for spacious skies ......


From the lakes of Minnesota,

To the hills of Tennessee,

Across the plains of Texas,


How about this people;

Born down in a dead man's town,

The first kick I took was when I hit the ground.......

Something familiar about those words, I know I’ve heard them before.

Ladies and gentlemen of Carroll County,

Can you finish this quote?

Ask not what your country can do for you, but.......

We all see this. We can hear it all around us. We can smell it in the air, and feel it in our bones. America, our dream, America our home, America our light, please don’t leave us. We’re sorry we didn’t see. We’re sorry we didn’t hear. We’re sorry that we’ve abandoned the towers, we’re sorry that vigilance took to the night. America, please, wake up, for the love of God, don’t die!

Wake up please, America, because I love you.

I’m begging you God, don’t let my love die, please, please America, wake up.

Christopher James Spinney


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(2) comments


10 miles square=Washington DC. Had to look it up. Urban dictionary which means it's a 'woke' expression. Ain't you cool.


10 Miles Square is supposed to be the extent of DC’s jurisdiction, where it starts, and where it ends. Period.

Congress can not regulate any State or its Citizens.

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