To the editor:

We are happy to say that the Carroll County budget process is completed. The Carroll County Delegation composed of your state representatives have approved a fiscally and socially responsible budget.

This budget protects essential services that our county provides, like our County Nursing Home, County Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Department, while also empowering local non-profits. These nonprofits address a range of issues, from helping feed underprivileged children to protecting people from domestic and sexual assault. These services will be essential as we work our way out of the pandemic and back towards life-as-usual.

Ensuring our elderly population is cared for and vaccinated, and protecting people and children from dangerous domestic situations — which are on the rise — will be very necessary over the coming months.

However, we were able to preserve these services without increasing a singular cent in taxes. No property tax increases this year will be a result of Carroll County spending. The budget is lean and efficient. Most importantly, the budget is balanced. We will look to build off of this budget and further decrease tax revenue in the future.

It is important to eliminate some of the financial burden that many families in our communities face. We recognize this and made pragmatic decisions that accounted for everyone. The least among us will be properly cared for and the average family will not face tax increases during such an economically volatile environment. This budget is a win for everyone.

After this letter is published, we will be halfway through our three-day session down in Bedford, socially distanced at the NH Sportsplex per the Speaker’s and House rules. We just want to thank so many people for reaching out to us about legislation and for conveying your concerns. We will be sure to carry your stories and opinions with us down to the legislature. We are happy to listen to our constituents and allow them to inform us on so many pertinent issues. It is an honor to serve you and we are grateful to represent you.

Rep. Brodie Deshaies


Rep. John MacDonald


Rep. William Marsh


Rep. Karel Crawford


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