To the editor:

Way to go, Walter Davis, assuring me that I haven’t lost my touch annoying and irritating you Trump deranged mental disorders. Walter, this country is going to hell in a hand basket with your pathetic choices for leadership and all you can counter is the “My Pillow” man’s disgust of the present putrid poor excuse of leadership?

Walter, Donald Trump has been a civilian for eight months now. I double dog dare you and your partner, Michael Kerins, to enlighten us deplorables on the great things that happened to our country in the last eight months.

Oh, just one more thing. You challenged me to find “the proof” that the FBI found no evidence linking Trump to inciting the Jan. 6 mini-riot after six months of investigating. Google Reuters for starters. Meanwhile, the Trumpster is still walking the streets of anywhere he wants to go.

Bill Catalucci


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at least your consistent in your BS spewing Fox News zombie like replies. Good thing you are the minority and dwindling.

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