To acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Conway Daily Sun is using pink paper on a few of its pages, including the front page, every day in October. 

Worldwide, breast cancer is the leading type of cancer in women. In the developed world, thanks to screening, preventive care and sophisticated medical treatments, the five-year survival rate is remarkably high, approaching 90 percent.   

It is believed genetics is the primary cause of breast cancer in only about 10 percent of cases, with environmental and lifestyle factors, such as cigarette smoking, accounting for most. 

In addition to the pink paper, during October, the Sun will run occasional stories related to breast cancer. 

You can participate by sending in stories describing your experience as a breast cancer survivor; about caretakers; or generally how breast cancer has affected your life. They can be short, long or in between. 

Please submit stories to the Sun’s editor, Margaret

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