CONWAY — Thousands of Spectrum customers in Maine and New Hampshire went without internet, phone services and video for several hours on Monday night due to fiber breaks.

"The outage began around 5:30 p.m. with loss of services to customers in Maine and New Hampshire due to two fiber cuts," said Heidi Vandenbrouck, senior communications manager for the broadband service provider.

"Our focus was on restoring service to our customers as quickly as possible. Customers had services restored around 8 p.m."

One of the service cuts was apparently caused by a fire. All Spectrum customers in Maine were affected by the outage. Spectrum has over 440,000 residential and business customers in Maine. Parts of New Hampshire, including Conway, were also affected.

News reports said the Portland, Maine City Council had to cancel its remote meeting because of the outage.

Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Janice Crawford said she was working on a grant when the internet went out.

"The office was still out when I had last-minute signatures, scanning and uploading that needed to be done for the grant. Fortunately, I was able to work with a friend who could provide those services, and we got the grant out," said Crawford. "Could have been a disaster but worked out, which, with the right positive attitude, most things do."

The Sun was among businesses affected by the outage, and the last few pages of the paper were completed using hotspots on the editors' smartphones.

In addition, some area restaurants reportedly had to close down early because their credit-card readers didn't work.

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