Steven Steiner is a Conway Realtor. (FILE PHOTO)

Editor’s note: Due to a reporter using a wrong email address, local Realtor Steve Steiner, who has applied to be appointed to the open position on the Conway School Board, never received the Sun’s questionnaire and was listed as not being available for comment in Saturday’s roundup of the seven hopefuls. After he contacted the paper, we are updating that roundup. Here are his responses to the questionnaire. The other six candidates are Bill Aughton, Michael Callis, Barbara Lyons, Jonathan MacMillan, Lichen Rancourt, Matt Stearns and Steven Steiner. The school board meets tonight to choose someone to fill the open seat until next April, when it goes on the ballot.

CONWAY — Steven Steiner, 61, threw his hat into the ring to apply to the open seat on the Conway School Board because he feels he brings a world of life’s experience that surpasses what one finds in the valley.

“I have a true vocational educational experience (from where he grew up in New Jersey). With my vocational degree, I could be an auto mechanic, or an electrician, which is what I hold licenses for,” said Steiner, who works as a Realtor for his own firm, Whitehill Estates and Homes of Center Conway.

“I think that what we have at Kennett with the Aviation S.T.E.M. program is a good start, and I would like to build on that. I bring a hands-on approach to education that would be of benefit,” Steiner told the Sun on Monday. He said he would be interested in running come April as well. “Either way,” he said.

He and his wife, Julie, have been married for 32 years. They are parents to two children, one of whom they tragically lost to an overdose of Oxycontin.

Steiner serves as an alternate on the Conway Planning Board and sits on the Conway Zoning Board of Adjustment. He chairs the Mt. Washington Valley Republican Committee.

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