CONWAY — Mount Washington Valley police departments say they are seeing an uptick in telephone scams.

Bartlett, Conway and Madison police, say many of the scammers are pretending to be the IRS.

"Even if the calling number shows up as coming from the DC area, the IRS does not make random phone calls to taxpayers and will not request, over the phone, money or phone cards or any payment," said Bartlett Police Administrative Assistant Betsy Rand in an email last Thursday.

"Local police departments do not have warrants for the arrest of anyone for out-of-the-blue IRS or other problems, unless you give the caller money — it doesn't work that way," she said.

In January, Madison Officer Jake Martin created an educational brochure about scams, which can be found on Madison NH Facebook page and is available at the police department.

Among the tips are:

• Government agencies will never call you — they communicate through the U.S. Mail or if they call you.

• Gift cards are never a way of paying someone's bail.

• Change your passwords to websites and accounts often — make sure to vary the use of numbers and letters.

Martin recommends the following if you receive "scam communications":

• Hang up and block the phone number if possible. Block the email address if possible.

• If the scammer is using the email address of someone you know, call them and let them know their account is compromised.

• If you find yourself the victim of a scam: Stop all communications with the other party immediately. Change passwords to any sites/accounts you may have given to the other party. Monitor all credit cards and bank accounts for suspicious activity —if you notice suspicious activity report it to the credit card company or bank immediately. Report the scam to your local authorities.

Conway police shared the following on their Facebook page:

"If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Social Security, telling you your number has been compromised, involved in a money laundering, and drug dealing operation, usually in Texas, please understand this is a scam. Hang up on them. If they leave a message, delete it, do not call them back ... Stay safe, stay healthy and be kind (except to scammers, you can hang up on them)!"

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