Organizer: Valley Pride Day to be ‘redesigned’ this year

FRYEBURG, Maine — Donna Woodward, organizer of the annual Valley Pride Day, announced Monday that “we all must do the right thing for the greater good of ourselves, our families and our communities right now, and that is why Valley Pride Day 2020 has been redesigned.

It is unfortunate that we will not be able to gather at the Hampton Inn on May 2 to celebrate our 20th anniversary, but our hope is that we get through this isolation period soon and we can have our celebration at a later date this summer or fall.”

However, she said, “As long as it is still safe and allowed to walk and exercise, we would like to make trash bags available to you. If you decide to pick up litter in your area, please wear appropriate clothing, bright colors or safety vests, masks, and gloves.

“Also keep your distance from others, carry sanitizer and wipes, and shower and wash clothing when you return home.”

Trash bags have been distributed to community leaders throughout Mount Washington Valley and western Maine and are now available to the public for as long as supplies last. They are:

• Jackson, Glen, Bartlett : Gloria Hutchins: (603) 383-4223, Ext 103 or emil

• Intervale, Kearsarge: Vicki MacDougall: Email

• North Conway: Sandy Stowell: (603) 595-2416 or

• Conway, Albany: Erik Corbett: Email

• Madison, Eiidelweiss: Jay Buckley:

• Madison, Silver Lake: Donna Veilleux: (603) 986-1080 or

• Tamworth, Chorcorua, Wanalancet: Heather Booksa: Email:

• Ossipee, Wolfeboro and Lakes Region Area: Ivette Babylon: Email:

• Eaton: Patricia McMurry: Email

• Center Conway: Bob T: (603) 447-2177 or

• Brownfield, Denmark: Megan Witt: Email

• Fryeburg: Bob Mallon: Email

•  Lovell, Sweden: Tom Farrington: (207) 925-9028. Email

• Chatham, NH, Stow, ME: Stow Corner Store - Email:

Please DO NOT leave bags beside the road,” Woodward said. “Since we don’t have a specific event day this year we will not have roadside pickup so please carry your bags to your local transfer stations.”

If you do not see your town listed and would like bags to distribute in your community, call (207) 441-8170. For updates on Valley Pride Day,e check the Valley Pride Day facebook page.

N.H. State Prisons worker tests positive for the virus

CONCORD — The state Department of Corrections learned late Friday that an employee who works at the State Prison for Men tested positive for COVID-19 on April 3 and is now quarantined at their home.

This employee last worked in the facility March 25 and did not return until April 1, at which time the employee was denied entry based on the COVID-19 screening process and was directed to follow up with a health-care provider. That follow-up resulted in the positive test confirmation.

The screening process initiated by the department on March 17 is intended to keep individuals who exhibit signs and symptoms of COVID-19 from entering facilities as part of a coordinated effort to keep staff and residents safe.

The NHDOC has engaged in several measures since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting at the end of January, the NHDOC began screening visitors, volunteers and newly booked residents entering the facilities.

In the first week of March, the NHDOC implemented screening methods for visitors and volunteers and updated our screening tool for new resident intakes, parole violators and transfers based on the CDC guidelines. They updated their staff screening to include a temperature check and visual check in addition to the screening form.

On March 16, visitation and volunteer services was suspended to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 to the facilities. This decision was not made lightly but because Gov. Sununu had declared a State of Emergency.

Beginning in early March, all NHDOC facilities were engaged in sanitization measures above the already elevated measures in place due to cold and flu season.

For information, go to or follow the NH Department of Corrections on Facebook.

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