Piper, my 3-year-old border collie, is, as advertised, a high-energy dog. What we’ve been happy to learn as of late is that her heat cycle this time around has brought with it some attitude problems.

After dealing with the attitude of an eye-rolling, bedtime defiant, back-talking teenage daughter, I thought that I was prepared to handle just about anything life threw my way. This was until returning home from an evening out, that I detected the odor of fish in my house immediately upon opening the door.

It seems my agile mutt discovered that she could leap up high enough to land on a countertop, which was being used to store the other dog’s fish oil food additive. After she chewed her way into the bottle and judiciously spread it about the kitchen and living room floors, she was kind enough to leave bits of plastic strewn about like little snowflakes, before returning to the sink to devour a dish sponge. It was only fitting that she decided to abscond from our property, and take herself for an unaccompanied and unauthorized walk about the neighborhood.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on who wins the unadvertised attitude competition between Piper and Hannah. Use this as a reminder to register your dog, if you’re one of the roughly 200 unregistered pups here in town. The deadline has passed, and if you haven’t received your new shiny doggy decoration, you’re late.

The Friends of Madison Library are looking for a few good Friends that would be willing to serve as board members. What does a board member do, you ask? They make decisions on how the money they have raised is spent at Madison Library. They run book sales and programs, and look for ways to enhance our library. Interested? We have a meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 3, at 1 p.m. via Zoom. A great time to meet other Friends and ask any questions you might have. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you the Zoom link. Thank you for being a Friend.

The Madison Garden Club is full steam ahead this spring and summer. This month, members will be sprucing up Atkinson Crossroad Park and the Veterans Monument Gardens. Their annual plant sale will take place on Saturday, May 22, from 9 a.m. to noon on the lawn of the Madison Elementary School with potted plants, herbs and vegetable seedlings.

The club has been planting flower beds, boxes and barrels for over 37 years, for everyone to enjoy at the beaches, parks and town buildings here in Madison. This is the fourth year of the Club’s “Trail of Flowers” and will feature barrels planted with a combination of rubrum grass, yellow daisies, white geraniums and dark purple million bells.

Last summer, the club was pleased to find the townspeople created over 16 additional matching barrels, adding to the original 16. Hopefully, even more Madison gardeners will add to the mix this year. Flyers with a suggested diagram of plants will be at the Madison and Silver Lake Post Offices.

The Garden Club encourages all gardeners to join, regardless of if you’re a Madison resident. Membership forms will be available at the plant sale. Annual dues are $10 per family. Gardening, trips and other activities are planned throughout the year. Contact Paulette Lowry, Chairman, at P.O. Box 6, Silver Lake, NH 03875.

Town meeting is Saturday, May 15, starting at 9 a.m. Yes, town meeting in May has certainly drawn out the budget process this year, but was a measure taken in these new, unprecedented, masked up, socially distant, vaccinated times, just to be safe.

Now, we’re set to charge ahead with the vote on things like the town budget, a loader for the DPW, a new police cruiser, and a rescue truck for the fire department. Of course, there’s less shiny and much less interesting things that still need a vote.

Also, be sure to give John Arruda a tip of the hat for his many years of service to the town of Madison as Selectman. Although he’s been selectman since the Clinton administration held office in Washington, D.C., it’s apparent that his passion for the position of selectman or his love for the town of Madison hasn’t waned one iota.

Even though the selectmen meet every other week, there would rarely be more than a day where he hasn’t stopped by to check in. His level of meticulous attention to the town budgets, spending, capital improvements, as well as other town affairs were a testament to his devotion to his position. Thanks John! We know we’ll be seeing you around town.

Bob King can be contacted at rjking203@outlook.com.

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