You know, I kind of like the ring of the year 2020. May this year bring you good health, happy times, love of family and friends and a lot of fun; life is too short to be negative, hold grudges and surround yourselves with unhappy people. Live well, laugh often and love profoundly.

The Christmas Eve service and pageant was very well attended and music enveloped you right from the start. The Rev. Tim Ostendorf started off with singing while Ellen Schwindt accompanied on the piano, and inspiring words were then spoken by Rev. Mary Edes. Thanks to Bill and Chris Weiss for collecting donations during the Offertory. A special Eaton poem written and performed by Nan E. B. about a raindrop which becomes a snowflake right here in our town. It was lovely, poignant and so beautifully presented that the audience broke out loudly clapping for the poem and its dear presenter.

Ashleigh Nash read the Christmas story about Santa, while the local children performed their parts as Mary, Joseph, angels, kings, shepherds and baby animals, ending with the drummer boy — or girl, actually. All sorts of surprises ensued with the smaller children being joined by young adults, Sam Norden, Jack and Emma Rust.

This year, the cow (always the youngest because of the small costume) behaved very well, as did lovely Mary who sat quietly throughout the whole manger scene. Larry Nash created his shining star, Alana MacDonald graced us with “To Be a Star” and we all sang and felt the joy at our beautiful Little White Church. Thanks to Alice Burns and September Edge for organizing the pageant. Merry, merry to another magical night.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Granite State College is having their preview of winter and spring classes on Wednesday, Jan. 15, at 1 p.m. at Granite State College at 53 Technology Lane in Conway.

There will be 34 classes this semester between Feb. 20 and June 12 on a large variety of subjects. All you folks over 50, join in for this fun, free event and meet some great people. For more information, call (603) 513-1377. Yes, how about learning something fun to get you through the long winter?

Speaking of winter, what a nice snowstorm we finally got after two bouts of rain. Since we do live in an area with skiing, I will continue to do a snow dance until I have enough. Interesting word, enough. The last snow quietly covered the fields and trees with everything glistening on Sunday morning. I do love New England.

In my last column, I was thanking all you people on the lakes and ponds for putting up your special Christmas trees which glow onto the lake and make everyone who sees them so happy. Well, I forgot to add Burt and Linda Day to my list, even though they have had a tree up for ages, sometimes accompanied by a little deer. My humble apologies, but thanks to you all for “my” Christmas trees on water. Sounds like a song, right, Dana?

Alana MacDonald, my singer/songwriter next door neighbor/dear friend, along with The Alana MacDonald Band bandmates Teg Glendon, Robbie Coffin and pianist Michael McInnis, will be performing twice in the coming months. On Jan. 11, they will play at the Johnson Hall in Gardiner, Maine, and on Feb. 29 at the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine. For all of us who loved all those years of adoration of Devonsquare, this is your opportunity to support The Alana MacDonald Band. Go, Alana.

I’m proud of my Patriots despite their weekend loss. No one really knows what will happen now with some of the key players for their next season, but I totally support the franchise, from Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to all the players who work so hard every week, especially Julian Edelman. On to next year (although I can definitely do without ever hearing Tony Romo’s negative whining again about the Patriots). These wild card games have been exciting, in spite of some of the results. Good luck to all the teams still playing. I love my Patriots and always will.

My next column will come out Tuesday, Jan. 21, with the deadline on Sunday, Jan. 19. Happy new year to all.

Nancy E. Williams can be contacted at (603) 447-5635.

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