Sandy Ruka, Chuck Henderson

VNHCH Executive Director Sandy Ruka and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's representative Chuck Henderson are seen last Friday at the agency's headquarters. (BILL LEE PHOTO)

By Kathy Bennett
Special to The Conway Daily Sun
With November as National Home Care & Hospice Month, VNHCH gathered on Fri. Nov. 12 to recognize their staff who provide compassionate care to the community.  Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's representative Chuck Henderson presented VNHCH Executive Director Sandy Ruka with a letter of thanks to the organization to honor their contributions to community health.

Shaheen's letter in part read, "During the past 18 months when COVID impacted almost every part of daily life, you have creatively adapted your protocols to meeting the demands of your that mission despite the challenges.

"Most Americans, want to age in place and home care is the service that allows them to live with peace of mind, safety, and the comforts of home. Here in Carroll County and Western Maine your professionals and volunteers form a dedicated and highly skilled corps that brings quality of life to many individuals each day. When it is an option, home care delivers better outcomes for than institutional alternatives for those needing care and their families, and I fully support the work you all do to make this happen. For those whose engaged in hospice care, you truly are doing noble work that brings dignity and comfort at life’s most trying times."

The celebration also featured treats from Elevated Catering, Lush, and donated items from Pete's Restaurant Supply. "Our team has worked tirelessly during a difficult year to provide uninterrupted care despite the challenges. We were happy to have Sen. Shaheen recognize them for their work and to celebrate their achievements."

For more information on Visiting Nurse Home Care & Hospice, go to or call (603) 356-7006.


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