CONWAY — Memorial Hospital reently hosted virtual and socially distant awards ceremonies honoring an Employee of the Year, presenting a Teamwork Award and recognizing a number of staff for years of service.

Employees were invited to nominate their peers for the annual Excellence Awards, which recognize team members who exemplify Memorial’s core values of Patient Centered Care, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Ownership and Innovation, plus awards for leadership, teamwork, employee engagement and peer recognition.

The following awards were presented during a virtual event in August:Employee of the Year to Alana Illsley, Medical Assistant in the Walk-In Clinic; Provider of the Year to Dr. Mahala Patrick, Hospitalist; Leader of the Year to Leigh Copsey, Registered Nurse, Clinical Manager of the Family Birthing Center; Patient Centered Champion to Abigail Lang, Physician Assistant, Orthopedics; Brightest Star Award to Kevin Gray, Floor Care Tech, Environmental Services; Spirit of Respect to Pam Bormann, Registered Nurse, Family Birthing Center; Spirit of Ownership to Patricia Shaw, Housekeeper, Environmental Services; Spirit of Integrity to Jacqueline Martin, Registration Clerk, Central Registration; Spirit of Innovation to Celine Tinkham, Registered Nurse, Med Surg; Spirit of Excellence to Amy Russo, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy and Spirit of Teamwork to the Family Birthing Center.

“These nominations reflect the strength of our team and show that their hard work does not go unnoticed by their peers,” said Art Mathisen, president of Memorial Hospital. “Team members were recognized for commitment to their departments and the hospital, and in many cases, the community, too.”

The hospital also honored long-term employees with its annual Service Awards. Staff received service pins and certificates, marking years of service ranging from 5 to 40 years.

“Memorial is a special place to work,” said Nancy Massucco, Multi-Modality Tech in Radiology, who is celebrating 40 years at the hospital. “We all work as a team, especially during this year. I consider all the employees my extended family.”

Dr. Alan Goldenhar, DPM in Podiatry, and the first-ever podiatrist on staff at Memorial Hospital, has reached the 35-year mark at the organization.

“Memorial Hospital feels like my second home. I would never practice at a facility that I would not send my own friends and family to," he said.     

Employees recognized for their years of service are as follows:

5 Years: Lisa Seguin, Purchasing Clerk, Materials Management; Deborah Bagocius, RN - Practices, Primary Care; Chelsea Scribner, RN, Primary Care; Lawrence Carbonaro, Director Practice Operations; Debra Isles, Switchboard Operator, Switchboard; Julie Davis, Senior Accountant, Finance; Shelby Martin, RN - Hospital, Emergency Department; Philip Remington, Paramedic, Emergency Department; Karli Butters, RN - Hospital, General Surgery; Louise Marquis, RN - LTC, Merriman House; Erika Roy, Clinical Manager, Emergency Department; Stephanie Pavao, Physical Therapist, Outpatient Physical Therapy; Melanie Bondarev, Housekeeper, Environmental Services; Emily Henley, Supervisor, Clerical Practices, Primary Care; Kelly Silvestrone, Medical Assistant - Certified, Surgery Urology Wound Care; Dr. Lauren Frye, DO, Women’s Health; Michelle Hill, Case Manager, Case Management; James Love, Medical Staff Services Manager, Medical Staff Services; Kristin Worthley, Case Management Lead, Case Management; Patricia Keane, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy; Stephanie Gagne, RN - Hospital, Med Surg; Therese Mergen, RN - Hospital, Med Surg; Colleen Young, LNA, Med Surg; Jesse Burke, CT Technologist, Radiology; Rita Roby, Employee Health Nurse, Employee Health; Julie Monteiro, LPN, Adult Day Center; Holly Murphy, Collection Coordinator, Patient Financial Services; Victoria Cavanaugh, Pharmacist, Pharmacy; Timothy Harmon, Pharmacist, Pharmacy.

10 Years: Holly Johnson, RN - Practices, Primary Care; Casey Kariuki, Behavioral Navigator, Primary Care; Angela Mason, RN - Practices, Primary Care; Danielle Reichert, Case Manager, Merriman House; Nicole Jackson, RN - Hospital, Family Birthing Center; Dr. Arlene Mrozowski Evanish, DO, Emergency Department; Amanda Leavitt, RN - Hospital, Med Surg General; Lynne Smith, Office Assistant, Orthopedics.

15 Years: Laurie Flaherty, Med Tech, Memorial Clinical Lab; Sherry Cormier, Director, Imaging, Radiology; Jacqueline Helen Glennie, Coder, Health Information Services; Nicole Boutet, Performance Improvement Specialist III, Performance Improvement and Quality; Monika Lorensen, RN - LTC, Merriman House; Devin Copsey, Nursing Coordinator, Med Surg General; Jessica Damon, RN - Hospital, Family Birthing Center; Kevin Gray, Floor Care Tech, Environmental Services; Holly Gaudette Fitch, RN - Hospital, Med Surg General; Jennifer Bartlett, Schedule Coordinate, Radiology; Vicki Genimatas, Cashier, Patient Financial Services.

20 Years: Charlotte Boucher, MLA II, Memorial Clinical Lab; Sarah Bushey, Medical Assistant, Oncology; Stephen Harper, Case Manager - LTC, Merriman House; Debra Eastman, Patient Care Coordinator, Primary Care; Mary Jane Elwell, Unit Sec/LNA, Med Surg General; Wendy Yager, Multi Modality Tech, Radiology; Joseph LaRue, Pharmacist, Pharmacy.

25 Years:

Miriam Eastman, Registration Clerk, Central Registration; Ann Bento, Executive Assistant, Finance; Angela Smith, EMT, Emergency Department; Karen Babb, OR Tech, General Surgery; Alen Lepir, Cook, Food & Nutrition Services; Leona Cloutier, APRN, Nurse Practitioner, Oncology; Christine Sears, RN - Hospital, Med Surg General.

30 Years: Robert Lundrigan, Senior Desktop Specialist, Integ Information Services - Site Support; Barbara Rosman, Executive Assistant, Nursing Services; Charisse Hirschfeld, APRN, Surgery Urology Wound Care.

35 Years: Dr. Alan Goldenhar, DPM, Podiatry.

40 Years: Nancy Massucco, Multi-Modality Tech, Radiology.

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