The Heather Pierson Band

The Heather Pierson Band (from left: Craig Bryan, Davy Sturtevant, Heather Pierson and Shawn Nadeau) will bring the sounds of New Orleans to life on Mardi Gras Evening, Tuesday, Feb 16, in a live-streamed concert from the stage of the Majestic Theatre in Conway. (RAY MACGREGOR PHOTO)

CONWAY — The Heather Pierson Band will perform from the iconic Majestic Theatre in Conway on Mardi Gras, Tuesday, Feb 16, at 7 p.m. in a fun-filled, live-streamed concert mixing hot jazz from New Orleans and cool tunes from Heather’s extensive songbook, to benefit Mountain Top Music Center and its students.

“We are delighted to have Heather Pierson's fabulous quartet kick off our new 2021 Main Stage Concert Series at the Majestic," said Mountain Top Music Center Executive Director George Wiese. “Heather plays the piano with thrilling clarity, effortlessly blending a myriad of musical styles with a perfect balance of elegance and energy. Her artistry will make for the perfect debut of the Majestic's new Steinway Grand Piano, affectionately nicknamed ‘Queen B’ (after its Steinway Model number).”

Pierson will be joined on stage by the talents of bassist Shawn Nadeau, percussionist Craig Bryan Jr., and multi-instrumentalist Davy Sturtevant, an ensemble that tours and enjoys national fame, but calls the valley “home.”

Come join the party from the comfort of your home (or from a ski slope, restaurant, or just about anywhere).

Virtual seats start at $15, and are available through The concert will remain online “on demand” until the end of February, so you can also tune in at a more convenient time or enjoy it multiple times, once you have reserved your seat.

Mountain Top Music Center is a community music school teaching over 300 students of all ages and talents, whose mission is to enrich lives and build community by providing inspiring music education and by offering performance and listening opportunities throughout the area.

As the owner and resident of the Bolduc Block in downtown Conway Village, which houses the now restored Majestic Theatre, Mountain Top is returning this landmark property to its former glory — and, more importantly, to its role as a community gathering place for the valley and a vibrant center for performing arts activity.

More artist information can be found at, and more information about Mountain Top Music and the Majestic Theatre can be found at

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