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Thirteen members of the Agiochook Swim Team (AST) competed in Colebrook on March 17. The team competed in 37 events, setting 19 personal best times. (COURTESY PHOTO)

BARTLETT — Thirteen members of the Agiochook Swim Team (AST) competed in Colebrook on March 17. The meet was held at the North Country Community Recreation Center where swimmers compete in a four-lane, 25-yard pool.

The ages of the Agiochook swimmers ranged from 6 to 14 years. AST swimmers included Michael Trumbull (14), MacCary Kelsch (13), Ryan Kenerson (12), Enna Carbone (12), Hannah Kelsch (11), Clara Yager (11), Ava Mikolaycik (11), Lilly Killourie (10), Romey Doyle (10), Abe Kelsch (8), Rivir McCoy (8), Nicholas Allain (8), and Wyatt Sclama (6).

AST was competing as the newest member of the Northeast Kingdom/North Country League (NEK/NC) which is comprised of teams in Colebrook, Lisbon, St. Johsbury, and Lyndon.

The NEK/NC League hosts meets during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. This gives Agiochook swimmers access to enjoyable and family-oriented competitive swimming experiences between summer seasons where AST competes in Granite State Swim Association (GSSA) dual meets, invitationals and a State Meet the first weekend in August.

AST swimmers competed in 37 individual events, established 19 personal best times and took on the challenge of swimming in eight personal new events. AST had eleven first place, six second place and six third place finishes.

Michael Trumbull and Ryan Kenerson both won all three of their individual events, earning all blue ribbons. Trumbull won the 100-meter individual medley in 1:22.26; the 50m freestyle, 31.81 and the 100m breaststroke, 1:41.13. Kenerson won the 100m individual medley in 1:39.29; the 50m freestyle, 39.23; and 100m breaststroke, 1:51.23.

MacCary Kelsch swam two new events and did a personal-best time despite having to stop and adjust his goggles. He was second in the 50m freestyle; and second in two new events, 100m individual medley, 1:40.75 and the 100m breaststroke, 2:06.60.

Enna Carbone swam really solid and posted three new personal best times. She was third in both the 50m backstroke and breaststroke in 52.67 and 1:02.26, respectively, and fourth in the 50m freestyle, 45.72.

Lilly Killourie sliced off more than 5 seconds, over over 4 seconds, and three-plus seconds off her previous best times in the 50-meter freestyle, 50m backstroke and 50m breaststroke, respectively, while winning two out of three of her events. She was first in the 50m backstroke, 57.01 and 50m breaststroke, 1:04.39; and third in the 50m freestyle, 49.58.

Romey Doyle had the biggest drop in time for the girls cleaving off 20.15 seconds in her 50m freestyle in 1:10.07 to finish seventh. She was fifth in the breaststroke, 1:49.33.

Wyatt Sclama was the youngest swimmer at age 6 to compete for AST and improved his time in the 25m backstroke by 16.10 seconds (43.40, fifth place). He was third in the 25m breaststroke, 1:32.45; and fourth in the 25m freestyle, 36.34.

Clara Yager broke 1 minute in the 50m freestyle (placing ninth in 58.63) for the first time. She was sixth in the 50m backstroke, 1:00.81; and seventh in the 50m breaststroke, 1:27.32.

Hannah Kelsch had a best time in the 50m breaststroke by 2.2 seconds (fifth in 1:08.77). She was eighth in the 50m backstroke, 59.42 and eighth in the 50m freestyle, 53.98.

Ava Mikolaycik had a personal best time in the 50m backstroke by 3.5 seconds (eighth, 1:04.58). She was also 10th in the 50m freestyle, 1:19.42.

Rivir McCoy swam in his last meet as an 8U by posting a fast time of 24.62 in the 25m freestyle for the win, beating his best time by an impressive 4.3 seconds. He was second in the 25m breaststroke, 49.03 and fourth in the 25m backstroke, 41.48.

Nicholas Allain swam great and posted two personal best times (second in the 25m backstroke, 32.46, and third in the 25m freestyle, 28.12) and took first in the 25m breaststroke in 48.11, a new event for him.

Abe Kelsch had a personal best time in the 25m freestyle (second, 25.37) by 2.4 seconds and swam a strong 25m butterfly (first, 32.07) for the first time. He was also third in the backstroke, 37.42.

There was a well-supplied pot luck meal after the meet that gave swimmers and families a chance to gather and be part of the north country swimming community.

Since last summer’s GSSA State Meet AST swimmers have been attending practices to develop their strokes, fitness and team camaraderie. It was wonderful to see their efforts in training pay off with so many fine swims and smiling faces.

The Agiochook Swim Team trains at the pool at the New England Inn. Practices are offered Monday through Saturday and are open to swimmers ages 6 to 18. The team is coached by Maury McKinney.

For more information about the team please call (603) 356-5755 or email

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