1. Start young — if they can walk, they can ski.

2. Make it fun — play on skis, make up games, bring friends.

3. Keep it short — gear the ski to the skier’s attention span and stamina.

4. Go flat first — build skills and comfort on flat terrain.

5. Practice getting up — it’ll save your back and increase the skier’s independence.

6. Ski up and down small hills — find a “Baby Bear” Hill to learn skills.

7. Use no poles — poles get in the way. Build balance and glide first.

8. Dress warmly, in layers — keep skier warm, but not too hot.

9. Bring accessories — mittens, hats, hand warmers, sunglasses/goggles, buffs, sunscreen, water and snacks.

10. Drink hot chocolate — nothing makes a ski more fun than hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and snacks afterwards!

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