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More and more moms become anglers each year. (ORVIS PHOTO)

Sunday is Mother’s Day. The official day of the year to let that special person in our lives know how much we appreciate everything that they have done and continue to do for us.

Working at the North Country Angler gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of moms. Each one is as interesting, inquisitive and appreciative of the sport of fishing as any angler. On this day, I would like to share with you some of the moms who make regular stops at the shop, for their own enjoyment or the enjoyment of a loved one.

Lynn is a newbie to fly fishing. Her husband is a fanatic and her son, daughter, and daughter’s boyfriend have taken after Dad. In an effort to join in the regular family fishing trips, Lynn picked up a fly rod and learned how to cast a fly.

Sharing tips with her, so she would become a better angler, was joy to me. Watching her in her journey made me happier than it made her, I think. When Lynn sent me a text of her first wild brook trout, it made me smile. I knew the work she had put into learning how to fly fish, and she had experienced the thrill of landing a fish. She now understood why the family was so passionate about the sport.

Lynn is now looking into fly tying. She wants to make flies for the family and bring their fly fishing to the next phase. A mom who, while apprehensive at first, is now totally involved.

Jen is another great fishing mom. Her husband and her two boys love to go to the water and fish. She has rowed the boat. She has drilled holes in the ice. She baits hooks. She fishes. All as a way to make fishing an enjoyable family activity. I have seen her smile when she hooks into a fish. I have seen her smile when one of her sons catch a fish.

Her boys appreciate having her along on the fishing excursions. When I see the results of one of those trips on Facebook, I know just how much fishing with her boys means to her.

Jackie brings her son to the shop so that he can purchase what he needs for a successful day on the water. Her son started coming to the shop when he was 8 years old. Each time, she brings her son to the shop, I learn something new from him. It is great to see such passion in a young angler. It is even greater to see a mom who will take the time to help her son follow that passion.

In fact, I am awaiting their first visit for this season. Her son provides me with valuable intel on the river. Yes, a 12 year old is a valuable resource. Great to see him walk through the door with Jackie right behind him. Once they are in the shop door, I know that it’s “Game On!” for the Saco River.

Mary’s sons are grown now and starting lives of their own. One of the bonds that they share is angling. And not just trout angling. They fish for bass, pickerel, sunfish, white perch, crappie. There is not a fish they won’t pursue, when they are together. Mary instilled this love of angling in her boys at an early age. It is a bond that they will share for a lifetime.

When the three of them enter the shop, I know that the fish don’t stand a chance on that day.

Tip of the Week

Take a moment to reflect on the Moms you know. It will bring joy to your heart.

Steve Angers, a native to the Conway area, is the author of the book “Fly Fishing New Hampshire’s Secret Waters” and operates the North Country Angler.

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