There were 25 responses to the Tele-Talk question, “What advice do you have for local Republicans to become competitive again?”

To all of those Republicans that are Trumpies, I offer Trump’s two words: You’re fired.

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Republicans should probably do two things….1) take a civics class and 2) take an economics class! Civics because they have forgotten that there are TWO parties and each has a right to exist! Unfortunately, those Trumpublicans who want to destroy the Democrat party and continue to lie to the American people about what they intend to do: ie destroy Social programs…all of them! Economics because Republicans need to understand that even if their beloved leader was still in power, inflation would still be a problem! IT IS A WORLDWIDE situation that will only be resolved when CORPORATE GREED is resolved! Neither Biden or Trump has any power over the price of oil although I believe that Trump’s “friendship” with Putin allowed the attacks on Ukraine and his *ss licking of the Saudis has allowed oil corps to fleece consumers.

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