There were 80 responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question, “Do you think Sununu lifting the mask mandate is premature or about the right time?" Of those, 47 people felt it was premature, 28 said it was the right time and five answers were non-specific. 

It's waaaay too soon to drop the mask mandate. Just watch the New Hampshire news and read the crawl at the bottom of the screen, the case numbers are rising. Paula in Glen

I think it is very premature for the governor to lift the mask mandate. This state is a vacation state that had visitors last year who did not follow the rules and I think this year we are going to have a lot more visitors because more venues are open. Every week, there are more cases being reported in the valley and around the state. The local people of the valley will continue to wear their masks but the onslaught of vacationers from other areas will not wear them because they do not care about the local residents. We in the valley have come a long way and are doing a great job keeping ourselves safe. We locals will be in jeopardy with this democratic pushed decision. There should be a sign at the border: NO MASK NO ENTRY.

I do not think Sununu should lift the mandate. New Hampshire is having new cases everyday. Hospitalizations are rising. We need to be patient. States that acted too soon are having large outbreaks of the virus. Barbara

When is there really a good time? He made the right decision in my opinion because we need these mom and pop shops to thrive again.

It is too soon. It should not be released. This is Mary Lou from Center Conway

With Gov. Sununu lifting the mask mandate, I hope New Hampshire's state motto doesn't morph into: "Live Free and Die."

Lifting the mask mandate couldn't come soon enough. Wearing masks is theater by now. Just theater. This is Eric in North Conway

I think it's absolutely too early to do away with the mask. Not everybody wants to stop wearing them. We should wait until this thing is under control, This is Peter from Glen

I think it's way too soon for the mask mandate to be lifted with the variants and the numbers going up. And grocery stores. supermarkets should be added to the list of where it's mandatory to wear masks with open produce departments.

I just would like to say that it's utterly ridiculous. They're calling this a vaccine. It's nothing more than like a flu shot that you get every six months to a year and you could still carry COVID and you could still get COVID. That's not a vaccine. It's a bunch of hogwash. It's given everybody some sense of security. And then you still have control of distance. And then they're still recommending this stupid bloody masks. When will this nonsense end. Bunch of sheepeople.

Sununu lifting the mask mandate is premature. It’s a political move that endangers those of us who prefer to follow scientific-based advice. The day I will allow a politician to tell me what’s right is the day Hell turns cold. Ted Sares, North Conway

Gov. Sununu’s decision to stop the mask mandate was timely and I'm very happy about it. And anybody who doesn't like that, they can feel free to wear masks.

No, it is not premature. It's time to resume with some normalcy. If you feel like you're better wearing a mask, then keep wearing one. I see an awful lot of zombies out there in the middle of nowhere all by themselves wearing masks. It's gotten to be pretty insane how people act. A bunch of sheep. If you feel uncomfortable, get curbside pickup. Take out. Wear that mask, do whatever you want, but let everybody else carry on.

Gov. Chris Subaru Sununu’s order to rescind the mask mandate makes as much sense as using screen doors in submarines. I don’t care because I have gotten both shots, but I’ll still wear a mask.

I feel it was way too soon for the governor to make that decision. It puts a strain on all the people that want people to wear masks and we're still having high numbers. It was much too soon to take away the mandate for mask wearing.

I think it is a poor decision by Governor Sununu. I will continue to wear a mask until it is safe not to.

I feel that ending the statewide mask mandate was premature, with rising COVID cases. Deaths may be down but the fallout of this virus is very real. It is in my opinion reckless of the governor and may prove disastrous. No one likes wearing the mask but it's better than the possible alternative. I feel that governor Sununu wanted only to be the first in New England to lift restrictions to make himself stand out and be noticed as a precursor to his inevitable bid for the senate. Afterall, he did say he was "just like Trump." Personally, I will continue to practice mitigation until the scientists say otherwise and luckily, I live in a N.H. border town and will conduct my business out of state.

Joey Biden recommends to keep wearing the mask at the same time our governor says its up to the individual to decide. Out of my respect for workers who come in contact with the general public. I will always wear mine. This is the first time I have ever agreed with communists.

It is premature to lift the mask mandate. We have visitors from everywhere around the globe. We need to protect our locals and everyone who visits. Vmiller resident of Bartlett

Way too soon. Cases are climbing in the state and the valley. What’s the rush? Waiting another month or two to allow vaccinations to cover more of the population only makes sense. To force this on the business community is not being a good leader. Masking does no harm to those that wear them. It only takes an eighth-grade science knowledge to understand how an airborne respiratory virus spreads and why a mask makes a difference.

The lifting of the mask mandate is surely past due with the diminishing of any serious threat from COVID-19. Thomas Bard

Mask mandate should've lasted at least another month. Numbers of positive COVID cases are rising in more than half of the country. Another month allows for the majority of our state to be vaccinated.

Lifting New Hampshire's mask mandate is very premature but politically convenient of course, since it pleases the base and passes the buck. Sununu is an inconsistent opportunist always blowing with the wind and trying to ski a slippery slope without slowing up and digging in his edges, just like Susan Collins. You can't count on either of them, and I'm sick of both. Judy K in Bartlett.

The governor made the right call.

I think it’s way too soon for the governor to stop the mandate on wearing masks.

It's too early. Just look at what's happening at Kennett High School. Why not just wait another couple months until way more people are vaccinated? Thankfully, private businesses and institutions can still require masks, as they should, since so many people think springtime means the pandemic has magically ended.

Too soon. How can he extend the state of emergency yet lift the mask mandate? This just makes business owners carry the burden and puts employees at risk. Jennifer Allen

Good for Sununu. It should always have been a choice. If the numbers go up it would more likely have to do with the vaccinated all of a sudden feeling invincible rather than the individuals choosing to breathe fresh air and still use common sense. If COVID was so easy to get in unmasked situations I would have already had it as I’ve been in large unmasked crowds three times since COVID and have yet to contract it. It seems to happen more to those keeping to themselves more than those of us who have continued living. Kristen Giannini MacRae

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. John Mendoza said many factors can lead to the spike, including relaxed safety measures and variants. Bonnie Glidden

I fully believe in masks and wearing them in public places. I’m not sure I want my state government spending my money to police it. Towns, businesses, etc can make that call. It was never enforced the message is bad, but realistically it makes little difference. I won’t go places that don’t require masks and I’ll wear mine when I feel it is appropriate to protect myself and others. Common sense sometimes works better than government mandates, but I absolutely understand the ignorance of Americans is beyond repairable. Masks help. Masks work. Just wear the damn things around other people. Rich Collins

Extends the state of emergency for the 19th time, says he expects to do it again, but lifts the mask mandate? Sorry, that doesn't jive, and he's just pushing responsibility onto business owners to deal with the fall out. Karen Lane

There needs to be a line here. If the state is getting more vaccines, doesn’t that mean we can stop panicking about the COVE?! Ginny LeVasseur Wright

I’m not totally shocked. I just wish he would have waited six more weeks. Now that anyone who wants a vaccine can get one, I feel he should have given that deadline and allowed people time to get it. Clay Groves

He was late to enforce it, and too early to lift it. While I support 90 percent of his COVID management, he is hanging business owners out to dry. Paul W. Mayer

There was a mask mandate? Paul Hurtado

All the major medical institutions say we must continue to wear masks and distance until we achieve our vaccinations goals. Relaxing restrictions seems counterintuitive. Suzy Willow Kjellberg

I think it's premature and taxes businesses and their employees as they try to enforce guidelines at their establishments without the support of the mandate. We're doing an excellent job getting vaccines into the arms of the willing, but with the numbers going up, I believe the mandate should have been extended. I also think it's an invitation for out-of-staters looking for a maskation to come visit New Hampshire with the notion that they can come here and go around without them. The removal of the mandate places the burden directly on the businesses and towns that will continue to use CDC guidelines without the state's added support measure. I also view it as a political move by Sununu in his best interest, and not that of the health of his constituents. Kudos to all of the businesses announcing that they will continue to require masks in their establishments. You have my support and appreciation, as well as my hope that this doesn't create more havoc for you. I'm vaccinated and will happily don a mask in public places and continue to maintain social distance. Stacey Sprague

Great Choice. How long do we want to keep doing this? The masks don’t seem to be working, People are still getting it, and from what I see people are doing their part with it. Jasen MacRae

I think businesses were already having a hard enough time with indignant people not following the mask mandate. I don't think passing the buck helps. Are we not acknowledging variants? Or are we trying to make our very own super--duper N.H. variant? Wiiicked NH variant. Allison Nicole

I don’t know how you extend the state of emergency the same day you lift the mask mandate. Susan Winters

Absolutely too soon. I just signed up for my first dose and before I could even go get the shot (Friday) this jerk decides it's time to let it rip. Not to mention, all the summer people are pouring in now. Don't let us locals slow down your tourism though. We don't matter. We are all just here to serve them. Terry Stevens

Nope! Finally! Thank the dear sweet Lord! Melissa Gentry

Definitely did the wrong thing. James Peek

Most businesses in the Mount Washington Valley will still require mask wearing. Please be kind and respectful to those owners and employees. Maureen Lynch Ward

So everyone mentions enforcing the CDC mask guidelines, but how come they aren't enforcing ALL of the CDC mask guidelines? If you say you are following those, you have to require double (or more) masking, and also require men or women with beards (gotta be politically correct, right?) must have them trimmed to fit within the mask. Chris Lemos

No, it’s about time. Chris Moran

I hope the anti-maskers stay out of Maine! Laurie Gutman Jensen

No win situation, do what's best for your company...Jonathan Rivers

Longest Two weeks of my life. If you are at risk, get vaccinated and life needs to get back to normal. Bella Phillips

Live free or die, should have never had the mandate, people who are vulnerable should mask up if they feel they need to. It will lead to some confusing times for out-of-staters if some businesses decide to mandate, and most likely some tempers flaring. Abagnale Franklin

He is lifting the state mandate which is fine because city’s/towns will be final call and businesses always have a right to turn away customers. Pretty simple if you’re scared wear a mask! Simple as that! Tyler Paisley

How about we all be reasonable and responsible citizens and wear them when we're inside and/or around others because it's the best thing for our community at this time. Do we really need them telling us what to do? Michelle Longley

Yes, let’s listen to medical advice from self-serving politicians and not doctors or scientists. Sounds like a solid plan. Jenn Kay Fields

I feel it is premature and I was glad so many local businesses said they will still require masks to be worn-I hope the Governor reconsiders-masks hurt no one. Ellen Emery

Too soon. Sununu is worrying about his poll numbers rather than doing what is right for the people of this state. It is a major miscalculation on his part but I will be happy to see him voted out. Julie Crawford Laracy

I think as long as the CDC recommends masks, it should be enforced. Jean Bowen

Cases are on the rise, this wasn't a good idea. Please make the best choices for us in doing everything in your power to limit exposure to covid-19. Your recent change of heart for the schools is also unfathomable and not for the greater good of our communities. Clair Clayton

It's long overdue, enough already! We should not be told by the government what to do with our own bodies. Not everyone can wear one and no one should be forced to. Lindsay Chase

Cases still on the rise and more vaccinations to be finished. WAY too soon. Bonnie Glidden

Way too early. We will still enforce it in our storage business as will my real estate office. I will continue to wear no matter how or when bans are lifted especially when in crowded places. I LIKE not being sick. Diana Hoyt

Should have never happened in the first place, but considering all the exemptions, it was all for show anyway. Chris Lemos

Thought he was being responsible and doing a good job. No longer. Doug Dinsdale

If business owners still want to enforce it, they can.. the governor is just looking at the case numbers, and trying to act accordingly. We can’t stay masked forever. At some point, we, as humans, need to move forward. If you want to keep masking, then do it. As people get a second vaccine, it will be better... eventually. Ginny LeVasseur Wright

If you want to wear a mask, wear one. If you want to stay 6 or 12 or 22 feet away from people, then do it. If a business requires a mask, or shoes, or a shirt, wear it or don’t enter. I don’t need the government telling me what to do. If the vaccine works, and you have been fully vaccinated, then live your life. It is too short already! Stephanie Rogers

He did the right thing. Let individual businesses decide whether they want people wearing masks. Tracie Antolin

Ignore it and act as if your life and the lives of others matter. Susan Elliott Carroll

The mandate was lifted but it doesn’t mean free reign to go maskless at every restaurant or store. I’ve read from many establishments that they are going to continue to enforce mask wearing. If you wear a mask, then you should be protecting yourself and others. If ones around you are not, maintain social distancing. Wash your hands and be safe. This lifting of the mask mandate is not a death sentence. Tee Rendleman

It’s about time the mask mandate is lifted! It’s been far too long and we need to get back to normal. Those who want to wear a mask still can, but for those who are ready to move forward appreciate this. Mike Mercier

Definitely premature. The numbers are rising in both Maine and New Hampshire. People are not getting vaccines at a high enough rate here. I can bring my Maine child to New Hampshire to get a vaccine now. Tells me we aren’t using them. Bad decision, hopefully stores will require masks or lose business if they don’t. Lauren Parker Peck

Sununu can burn in hell! Stephen J. Desrosiers

So numb. This is so Live free or die.Nate Harvey

Yes. Cases are rising. Sharon Novak

I think it's too early, Cases are on the rise, so you lift the mandate? I am not the smartest cookie in the cookie jar, but to lift it now as cases rise, does not seem too smart to me. This summer is going to kill us all anyways, if it's anything like last summer. Vaccine or not, people are still getting COVID after the shots. Guess he did not see the report on the prison in Berlin, so many cases there, and a nursing home up that way. Travis Russell

Nope! Should have never had it in the first place. John F. X. Acker

Great news. Give the customer the option to spend their money on being treated like a healthy human or a diseased animal. Bob Volpe

There never should have been a mandate in the first place. MaryAnn Robbin Pumilia

You're More likely to get pregnant using birth control than dying from this (pandemic). Joseph Lincoln

Wear a mask if you want to. Social distance if you must. Alexandra Shannon MacLeod

I bet the Bank workers will be happy, no more masked people coming in. Bill Belida

I avoid places that require masks. MaryAnn Robbin Pumilia

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