To the editor:

What a shame, really, that Quddus Snyder needs to remind the world of his education.

Seriously, dissing trailer parks? It’s wonderful that you may have opportunities that others may not have had. Maybe you inherited a home or business. I have no idea. I do not know you except through your letters to The Conway Daily Sun. I don’t care about your politics; that’s an old, boring story. How one treats people is most important. More important than politics.

However, your very high opinion of self is, well, embarrassing. You look down upon people. A lot. That is so not cool. It’s amazing that you do not seem aware of it. What the heck is in that chimney soot? Are you EVER happy? I think you, QS, need the pity.

Tina Marconi


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What's embarrassing is the fact that people like you keep responding to him instead of realizing the blatantly obvious fact that he gets off on the attention alone. Just ignore him and maybe he'll stop writing three inflammatory letters a week.

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